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8 Benefits Using Induction Cooktops

Using induction cooktops is a great way to save money, energy and time. These devices are so amazing, it uses a magnetic field instead of flame, radiant heat like gas and electric stoves.

How an Induction Cooktop Works

The main principle behind the working of induction stoves is magnetic power. A spiral coil is there under the cooking area. The electricity passing through the coil creates magnetic fields when we put an induction cookware on its surface. Then power is transferred to the cookware by the magnetic fields.

The heat is generated because of this flow of electricity. In other types of cooktops such as gas or electric ones, the source of heat is some inches away from the cooking pan but in induction stoves, warmth is generated in the vessel itself.

There are various benefits using induction cooktops over its substitute gas and electric cooktops. Let us have a look at its benefits below:


One of the biggest advantages of this new innovation is the speed of cooking. The magnetic field supplies energy directly to the cookware. Whereas gas and electric stoves use flames and electric burners to transfer heat to pans. So more energy is available for cooking.

So induction cooktops help to cook food faster than traditional cooktops. These stoves reduce cooking time to a half, so you will get more free time to spend with family and friends.


Induction stoves are far more dynamic than traditional gas and electric cooktops. In case of gas and electric stoves, the energy is converted to heat and then warms up the cooking vessel. This leads to a lot of warmth wasted which heats up the kitchen instead of heating up the food.

On the other hand, the time of response is longer in electric cooktops as the coil of heating takes some minutes to warm up. And in case of gas stoves, the flame is controlled manually. But in case of induction technology, the magnetic field supplies heat direct to the pan, so most of the source energy is transferred to the cookware.

The result of this efficiency is decreased energy consumption resulting to lower electricity bills and a better environment. Induction cooktops are 90% energy efficient which is far greater than electric and gas stoves which are 65% and 40% energy dynamic respectively. Less wastage of heat also leads to:

Cool Kitchens

In case of the traditional cooking stovetops, the entire kitchen becomes warmed up. But in induction cooktop, only the area right under the cookware is heated up. So the surrounding area does not get hot. It results in cooler kitchens which are comfortable to work on.


Stoves in the kitchen were the most dangerous places even some years ago. Grease fires used to begun, gas connection gets left on, children made accidents by touching very hot stovetops.

There are no flames and gas lines in induction stoves which mean there are no grease fires and no leaking of gas. The most important safety feature of induction cooktops are: they don’t get hot.

As only the pan is heated up, the surrounding area of the stove does not warm up. And when it is turned off, the pan and the device cools down immediately. So these stoves are less likely to cause a burn.


Control is one of the most important features for people who are passionate about cooking. The operation of induction cooktops by its touch control panel is as easy as using smartphones. These are easier to use compared to gas and electric stovetops.

These devices allow more particular control of heat and have many temperature levels which helps to perform better even at very low heat. This makes cooking sauces and keeping food warm even easier than gas flames.

One important thing to note: this point is very small yet very important too. Induction cooktops are run by electricity. Every house does not have a gas connection but all homes have an electricity connection. Gas lines are ugly, space consuming according to some people. But everyone has uninterrupted electricity. So induction stoves can be used by everyone, anywhere.

Easy Cleanup

Faster cooking is a great benefit, energy efficiency, safety is greater advantage but easy cleaning is the best gain according to me. The main job of the induction cooktop is to cook faster and safer but easy clean up is a huge positive factor.

As the device does not get hot, food is not burnt on the surface. Gas and electric stoves have uneven surface, so food locks in but induction stoves have a ceramic glass surface. So food particles does not lock in. only a wipe of cloth is enough to clean it up.

Elegant Design

Most of the induction cooktops have a sleek and beautiful design which is pleasing to the eyes. They have a glass or steel surface and most of them are portable. So the devices are also compact and lightweight.

Professional Chef-Quality Meals

The cooking methods of induction stoves are suitable for various types of recipes which have resulted in increasing popularity of the devices. They have more control and flexibility and the cooking process is very fast compared to gas and electric stoves. The induction cooktops has come to professional chefs like a gift from God.

People who are passionate about cooking will understand that cooking is an art and there are many temperamental dishes. Induction stoves can quickly change heat temperatures than traditional stoves. Some dishes which are time and temperature sensitive, can be ruined in a micro second if the right heat is not provided.

Most induction devices have a wide range of temperature setting which enables you to switch heat levels. In some cooktops there is also a setting of memory. It can be used at times of special cooking and heat level for dishes which are regularly cooked. This is a great advantage for both home and commercial kitchens.

Final Thoughts

The decision to switch to induction cooktops is not very difficult to make once you consider all its benefits. Its safety and efficiency make it a smart option in the commercial and household kitchens. It will help to prepare fast, efficient, tasty meals without compromising the art of cooking. The craft of cooking would rather be enchanted.

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