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True Induction P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop Review

Do you need a portable cooktop when you are in outside or in a dorm?

Do you like to cook without wasting your time?

If so, then induction cooktop is the best solution for you. Though it is too much helpful for kitchen, but it is enough problematic to choose the right Induction Cooktop for you. So, to help you to choose the right cooktop for you, we are going to introduce you the new the ‘True Induction P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop’ which are able to fulfill all of your needs during cooking.

For example: This product has the most sensible and the most effective overheating sensors than the other cooktop available on the market. So, let’s visualize the full article to know more about this amazing cooktop.

TRUE INDUCTION P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop Feature

Controlling System:

To control this cooktop, the manufacturer company provides some easy and efficient features with it. By using this controlling features, you can easily prepare your food as you want.

To turn this cooktop on or off, there are a power button to start cooking. Moreover, the heat setting allows you to control the level of temperature. You can easily increase or decrease the temperature level by using the heat setting button. The controlling system is precise and you can control the temperature from the range of 150 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit. So, without having a microwave oven, you can easily heat up your meals in a healthy way.

Design and Surface:

The P3D Cooktop is a portable single burner domestic countertop induction burner. It has a glass ceramic cooktop which can be easily handled by ordinary peoples, chefs and students as well.

Because of this glass top, you can clean the surface easily without using any kind of specific cleaning equipment.

There is also a rubber border around the glass top. The finish of this cooktop is a stylish glossy black with white heating element indicator button.

Heating Element:

This induction has one heating element with 6 inches’ diameter. But even so, this induction is an efficient product which you can use instead of an electric cooktop.

This heating element is located on the ceramic glass top. It will be automatically active whenever you have switched on the cooktop.

Though it heats your foods quickly, but the cooktop remains cool during cooking. Only the bottom of the pan will be warmed during cooking. So, if you touch the edges of this cooktop, there’s will be nothing to worry. It always remains cool as an ice cube.

Power Management:

You have to connect this induction cooktop into the 120 Voltage outlet. The best adjustable power of this cooktop is 1600 Watt. But this power level will increase or decrease according to your preference of cooking and heating temperature. If you increase or decrease the temperature, the intensity of the burner will also be changed.

Temperature Control:

You can set the temperature level according to your needs. You can set the temperature level by pressing on the ‘temp’ button which will be turn red after you have pressed it. This P3D induction cooktop has ten level of temperature settings. This level starts from 150 degree Fahrenheit. Every time when you increase the temperature level, it increases the level about 30 degrees per level. But the default temperature setting is 270 degree Fahrenheit.


This True Induction P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop has two sensors. One of them is cookware sensor and other is the position sensor.


To keep this induction cooktop cool, there is a fan in the backside of this product. Moreover, this fan does not produce any disturbing sound. You can barely notice the sound of it. The higher temperature allows it to heat up food quicker than other induction cooktop available on the market.

Safety Feature:

Induction Cooker by itself is enough safe to work. Further, the overheat sensors can detect the presence of the cookware. If it cannot detect any cookware on it, then the cooker will be automatically shut off. It has a built in timer of 150 minutes. After 150 minutes it will beep and shows the code “EE” before going to the “standby mode”. You can also resume your cooking by pressing the on/off button once again. The default timer setting is zero. You can increase or decrease the power level by pressing + and – key respectively. The increases of this cooktop has an increment of five minutes and the decrement is one minute per level.


Because of the portable feature, this True Induction P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop is the perfect cooktop for the campers. You can use it anywhere if there are a power outlet of 110V to 120V.


This induction cooktop comes with a gorgeous flat design. This blackish cooktop is made of high-grade ceramic which won’t burnt during cooking. As the manufacturer company made this cooktop portable, so it has definitely a slim design. The proper dimension of this cooktop is listed below-

11.8 inches (29.972 cm)
14.9 inches (37.846 cm)
Height2.5 inches (6.35 cm)
Weight7 pounds (3.17515 kg)
Cookware Diameter4.5 to 10 inches
Power Cord Length 3 ft. (est.)


The Parent company Sequoia Inc., who oversee 19 individual brand names, are the manufacturer company of this induction cooktop. This company provides 2 year warranty against this cooktop from the date of purchase.

Pros and cons of True Induction P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop are given below-


  1. Efficient and just as fast as using a microwave
  2. Almost 80% energy efficient
  3. Controls display is easy to read
  4. Risk-free 60 day trial satisfaction guarantee
  5. Controls require only a light touch
  6. Touch screens are sensitive enough
  7. Saves time respectively
  8. Has ten heat levels
  9. Aesthetically pleasing design
  10. Control sector includes an on/off button, timer and a heat button
  11. Easy to clean
  12. Fast cooking
  13. 2 year warranty
  14. Family friendly design, anyone can use it.


  1. The size of the heating zone is not clear
  2. The fan is louder than expected
  3. It makes a beep sound which was found annoying to some of the users.
  4. The lowest setting is not low enough as you need for several meals.

Final Verdict:

Overall, if you choose this cooktop, this will be definitely the best decision ever. This product is just worth of money. Moreover, according to the customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend this product to you.

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