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Aroma AID-509 Induction Cooktop Review

Actually, the Aroma Aid-509 is a fantastic invention of the Aroma Housewares Company. The main motto of this company is “Enhance and enrich people’s lives”. This Californian company is located in San Diego from here the Aroma Aid-509 is originated. You can learn more about induction cooktop here.

This product is an amazing cooktop with affordable price and reliable good quality. It has unique warming function and safety features that set it apart from other induction cooktops available on the market.

Important Features of Aroma Aid-509

The Aroma Aid-509 induction cooktop comes with the latest features of induction technology. The features of this cooktop are listed below-


This cooktop has six control options that make it easy to use.

Look below to know details about it:

Power Button

The power button is located on the right side of the control panel. It contains the standard on/off sign. To switch on this cooktop, you have to press this button once. But, before pressing this button, you have to ensure that you have plugged this product correctly and put the pan perfectly.

Heat Settings

The next button of the power button is Heat Settings button. You can increase or decrease the heat level by pressing this button respectively. The range of this settings is one to six. The current range will be shown on the attached LED display of it.

Warm Button

If you want to keep your meal warm after cooking, then you have to press this button. This will keep your food warm for a limited time. You can also set the time according to your preference. If the LED button becomes red, that means this feature is activated.

+ and – button

By using this button, you can increase or decrease the temperature. Only when the red light becomes blinking, the + and – button will active.  

Timer Control

Just like an oven, this Aroma AID-509 has a programmable timer system. You can set this time for a specific time. After that time, this cooktop will be automatically shut off by itself. You can set this time maximum 180 minutes.


This induction comes with a square surface. It is made of ceramic glass. There are two circles in the cooking area. The color of this is totally black. The cooking area is enough large to place large pans.

The surface area of this pan will remain cool while you are cooking. Only the pan will be heated up. To prove this, some users put an ice cube on the surface area of this cooktop. And the ultimate result is, the cooktop wasn’t melted.

The control panel of this cooktop is located on the downside of this cooktop.

Heating Elements

The Aroma AID-509 has one powerful heating element. This element is under the ceramic glass. There is also a built-in fridge magnet into it. This magnet helps the pan to stick onto it.

The cooking area is 9 inches in diameter and the coil is 6 inches in diameter. The heating will be activated only when the heating button is turned on.

Power Management

This product needs only 120 V and 60 Hz according to the standard US household outlet.

It has six levels of heating temperature. Among these six levels, one level is dedicated to keeping your meal warm. You can notice your current temperature level on the attached LED display of it. There are some codes to represent the temperature level.

The codes are:

P01120 W
P02500 W
P03800 W
P041000 W
P051300 W
P061500 W

When you use the warmer settings, the temperature range will be 110º F to 129º F. The temperatures for next three levels are 210º F to 220º F (Low Temp), 290º F to 310º F (Medium Temp) and 380º F to 398º F (High Temp).

Energy Efficiency

If you compare this induction with a gas stove that uses 1000 BTU (British Terminal Units) of energy, you will notice that the gas stove will cost you $2 for every hour.

On the other hand, the Aroma AID-509 uses only 13.5 amp of power. So, this product will cost you only $0.59 for an hour. So, this is almost four times energy efficient than gas.


To ensure the greatest user experience, the manufacturer company provides two essentials sensors with it. These sensors help you to understand what is happening inside your cooktop. These two sensors are-

  • Cookware Sensor: If this cooktop can’t boil properly or heating slowly, the cookware sensor can detect this problem immediately. For this induction cooktop, you have to use specific induction ready cookware.
  • Position sensor: This sensor can detect whether the cookware is placed in the circle of the ceramic glass surface properly. This is only for the safety of the users.


To ensure the ventilation system, the manufacturer company includes a fan and a vent on the backside of this cooktop. The location of this vent is quite good because it prevents spills from getting into cracks.

Moreover, this fan is quite noise free. It is as quite as computer fan.

To get the proper ventilation, you have to keep this cooktop on a countertop.

Safety Features

As it is an induction cooktop, so there is no risk of burning. This cooktop heats only the body of the cookware, not the whole machine. So, if the children’s unconsciously put their hands into it, there will be nothing to worry. You will feel much safer with this Aroma AID-509 induction cooktop.

This cooktop will automatically shut off when you take off the pan. This feature will save your gas and electricity bill significantly.

Further, as this product is an induction cooktop, so it does not have any flame. It is also a great security feature of this cooktop.


The Aroma Aid-509 is the best cooktop for student dorms, camping, small kitchens and car traveling. To get the better idea about it, look below:

Height2.2 inches ( 5.588 cm )
Wide11.6 inches ( 29.464 cm )
Length13 inches ( 33.02 cm )
Weight6 pounds ( 2.72155 kg )
Coil diameter6 inches ( 15.24 cm )
Cord length44 inches ( 111.76 cm )

Like any other product, this Aroma AID-509 Induction cooktop also have some pros and cons as well. The pros and cons of this induction cooktop are listed below-


  • 6 heating levels
  • No flames
  • Lightweight
  • Fast heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Warm control function
  • Cool area around the pan
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • Programmable time for 180 minutes
  • Wide cooking area of 9 inches
  • Auto shut off if you take the pan off
  • The air vent is positioned in the back and spills can’t get on it
  • Saves your gas and electricity bills


  • The “beep” sound is very loud and sometimes it can’t be adjusted
  • Only one year warranty frustrated some of the buyers.

Final Thoughts

This Aroma AID-509 Induction Cooktop is a high quality and straightforward cooktop that provides a lot of impressive performances in a small package.

This induction burner seems to be super easier to use because of its simplicity and reliability to use. I can’t give the six-star review for the unit, but if I could I would.

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