12 Best Meat Tenderizers Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Meat Tenderizers Reviews

The way you treat your meat has a lot to do with the tenderness of the finished product. So, tenderizing meat is essential if you want to enjoy great food. Luckily, great minds have come up with the best meat tenderizers to allow “meatatarians” to enjoy their staple every time it makes it to their dinner table.

Tenderizing as a method of cooking meat seeks to solve two problems. Most meats usually take too long to cook. Even after several minutes of cooking, it does not cook evenly.  This method of preparation ensures your meat cooks fast and consistently for a tastier outcome.

In this lengthy article, we are going to review twelve of the best meat tenderizers you can buy this year. While there are other ways of tenderizing meat (thermal and enzymatic), using a mechanical tool is not only comfortable but also time-saving.

Many brands and models of meat tenderizing tools are currently on sale in most online and offline retail shops. This can make it difficult to make the right choice. Here are some of the best meat tenderizers trending today.

Top 12 Best Meat Tenderizers

1. OXO SoftWorks Meat Tenderizer

The OXO SoftWorks Meat tenderizer tool is perhaps the most common model in the market. If you get a chance to see the process of cooking meat in restaurants and other eateries, your chances are that you will see this tool in action. Made in the design of a cute little hammer, the tool allows you to pound and tenderize your meat with ease.

It presents an ergonomically engineered handle that is non-slip and a hammer-like functional head. The head heat is divided into two – a textured side and a flat (smooth) side. The flat side is suitable for pounding and flattening.

The textured side, on the other hand, is suited for tenderizing and is capable of breaking down the tough meat fibers resulting in the desired succulence. The side is therefore great for smashing different meats including pork, beef, chicken as well as others.

The compact design and the lightweight (14.4 ounces) of the OXO SoftWorks Meat Tenderizer mean it will snugly fit your hands for optimal handling convenience and performance. Its tiny size makes it suitable for smaller kitchens which prepare small amounts of meat per serving. You can still use the tool for large chunks of meat, but you will have to spend a good time.

Special Features

  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts
  • Extremely lightweight – weighs just 0.41 kilograms
  • Versatile hammerhead with two sides offers exceptional performance
  • Safe non-slip and ergonomic handles for use in both dry and wet conditions
  • Compact design is easy to handle and organize

2. Jaccard Supertendermatic 48-Blade Tenderizer

The Supertendermatic Tenderizer by Jaccard is the tool you need if you want to reduce the time for cooking meat by as much as 40 percent. It features 48 penetrating knives that create heat channels with the meat resulting in juicy and flavorful for an unforgettable dinner.

The channels also provide the pathways the absorption of marinades deeper into the meat. This increases spice absorption by up to 600 percent and ensures even cooking. Besides uniformity, the heart penetration also provides a favorite dish is not under or overcooked.

Its razor sharp blades will cut through even the strongest meat fibers and other connective tissues that make meat tough. If you would like to preserve the shape of your meat; the Supertendermatic Tenderizer helps with just that because the channels are tiny and are created without altering the form or the appearance of the meat.

Made of durable and BPA-free ABS plastic, you can be confident the tenderizer will serve you for years with proper care. It measures 5-5/8 inches by 4-1/8 inches and weighs just 15.2 ounces. Such dimensions are significant since the tool is hand-held.

Special Features

  • Cuts cooking time by up to 40 percent
  • Penetrating knives create channels that boost marinade absorption six fold
  • Multiple blades are razor sharp to break down tough fibers in meats
  • Established channels are tiny and will not interfere with the shape and appearance of chunk
  • Strong and long-lasting ABS construction

3. iPerfect Kitchen Meat Tenderizer with Cleaning Brush   

Want to become a Master Chef? There is no more accessible way to get there but to begin using the iPerfect Kitchen Meat Tenderizer today. It reveals the secret on how to tender more mouthwatering and flavorful seafood, stakes, chicken and other meats. The tool is fun, fast and easy to use.

Crafted from durable and robust materials, the iPerfect tenderizer comes with a cleaning brush, built-in safety, and protective lock cap and an ergonomic design. Such an ergonomic design makes it ideal for everyone. The construction makes it suitable for use in high demanding chef work that requires cooks to work fast.

The tool features 56 stainless steel blades capable of tearing through even the toughest of meat components to give it tenderness and juicy taste. The razor sharp edges easily penetrate the meat and require little effort to operate. With such great features, you can only expect results to be consistently excellent.

If you pick to buy this fantastic tool, you will enjoy a few great bonuses apart from the great price. Such bonuses include “Home chef kitchen management” eBook and “Great Food from the Grill” eBook. Few brands are that generous.

Special Features

  • Made from durable, high-quality materials
  • 56 razor sharp blades ensure great and consistent results each time
  • Brings out the juiciness and flavor of all meat types
  • Portable with a built-in safety lock and protective cap
  • Affordable and comes with two bonus eBook cookbooks

4. KitchenAid Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer

Choose this device from KitchenAid if you are looking for the best meat tenderizer hammer to books the flavor of your meat dishes. The KitchenAid Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer features a head with two sides – a flat/smooth side and a textured/rough side. This dual side hammerhead aims to improve the versatile of the tenderizer.

The textured side feature course and bumpy surface that is designed for maximum tenderizing of various meats. The smooth side, on the other hand, is perfect for pounding as well as flattening cutlets. Regardless of the compact and lightweight design, the KitchenAid Stainless Steel meat tenderizer delivers fast and consistently excellent results.

Aluminum construction not only makes this tool lightweight and durable but also safe. A hole at the end of the ergonomic handle gives you multiple storage options. This helps with easy organization in the kitchen because such small items tend to clutter and get lost easily in a busy kitchen.

Hand washing is recommended for the tool, but this does not mean the gadget is cumbersome to clean. It will require just a few minutes of your valuable time to wash the machine by hand. To fill you with confidence in the quality of the tenderizer, the device comes with 1-year hassle-free exchange plus a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Special Features

  • Cute and functional hammerhead design
  • Smooth and textured surfaces for versatile performance
  • Strong, durable and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Design allows for multiple storage options
  • Easy to clean (hand washing recommended)

5. Deluxe Meat Tenderizer Tool

The Deluxe Meat Tenderizer tool gives you the opportunity to turn tough, hard or delicate cuts into rich, flavorful and mouthwatering buttery goodness. This tool lacks a hammer or mallet crushing but presents 48 efficient needles that penetrate various varieties of meat to tenderize them.

This unit features unique, ultra-thin and excessively long chef’s knife design that will not pulverize your meat. You can be sure of consistently high-quality results each time you rave for your favorite staple. Most conventional meat tenderizer tools will hammer your food into terribly squishy, damaged and pulverized mush. The Deluxe Meat tenderizer eliminates these problems and guarantees you high-quality succulent results.

If you are worried about sharp distortion and shrinkage every time you cook your favorite meat, trust this tenderizer from Deluxe to always stop any shrinkage. It will also shorten the cooking time but up to 40 percent. You no longer have to worry about schedules because this device will not infringe a lot on your time.

This gourmet tool marinates deeper than most other models allowing you to transform almost any meat into a tender and succulent bite that will keep your visitors coming back again and again. The gadget will work a miracle in nearly every meat including beef, poultry, fish, pork, veal, steak, chicken breast, round roast and pork loin among others.

Special Features

  • Unique, ultra-thin and extra-long chef blade design ensure succulent results
  • Stops meat shrinkage and reduces cook time by 40 percent
  • Imparts flavor throughout any meat for mouthwatering results
  • Easy to use, fun, affordable and user-friendly (even to arthritic hands)
  • Backed with 100 percent hassle-free money back guaranty

6. Cave Tools Meat Tenderizer Mallet Tool

Cave Tools offers you an opportunity to enjoy the robust performance of the best meat tenderizer mallet. This tool reveals the secret behind the best chef recipes such as fried county steak, cordon bleu, and Weiner schnitzel. It is the tool of choice if you want to pound chicken, beef, steak and other tough slices of meat.

The device features a stainless steel design that saves a lot of time cleaning and is corrosion resistant. Furthermore, it safely sterilizes any raw meat bacteria left behind. Even great is that the gadget is dishwasher safe. The mallet design features two surfaces for pounding and flattening the meat.

Cave tools mallet is perfectly weighted to make your work effortless and to deliver desirable results each time. It is fitted with silicone handle to ensure comfortable and non-slip grip whether your hands are wet or dry.

The compact design is perfect for storage. You can store it in any kitchen drawer or even hang it on the kitchen wall for easy organization and quick retrieval. Buying this tool comes with several benefits including tutorials for cooking enthusiasts.

Special Features

  • Dishwasher safe stainless steel design
  • Perfectly weighted mallet requires little effort to operate
  • Silicon handle is comfortable and offers a non-slip grip
  • Designed to the perfect size for the easy organization
  • Comes with 25 free professional recipes with detailed step-by-step tutorials

Best Meat Tenderizers

7. Mr. Bar-B-Q Professional Meat Tenderizer

Chef Master offers you one of the best quality meat tenderizers in the market – the Mr. Bar-B-Q Professional Meat Tenderizer. Its unique design provides you a best-fit handle with various blades for an effortless and quick tenderizing experience.

Mr. Bar-B-Q boasts of 48 razor-sharp stainless steel blades designed to penetrate meat to set free its natural juices and flavors. The blades can take on even the toughest and even the most delicate of meats preserving their shapes and appearances.

Only available in the red color, the device will complement other items in your kitchen. The piece weighs a paltry 0.75 kilograms (or 1.25 pounds) which makes it lightweight and easy to use and store. It is made from safe and durable ABS plastic and stainless steel. These materials are easy to clean and are resistant to corrosion. This also means you can wash it in a dishwasher.

While this tool can take a lifetime with occasional and infrequent use, it cannot handle heavy and constant use or more than two years. This makes the tool ideal for use in home kitchens and less busy commercial establishments.

Special Features

  • Fitted with 48 razor-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel and safe ABS plastic
  • Meets and even exceeds ETL standard for sanitation
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts
  • Sharp blades can tenderize all types of meat

8. Weston Manual Heavy Duty Meat Cuber Tenderizer

Do you like your steak, schnitzel or chicken fried steak seamlessly cubed? The best way to go about it is to buy the Weston Manual Heavy Duty Meat Cuber Tenderizer. This unit is ideal not only for food enthusiasts but also for gardeners and hunters. This Cuber tenderizer will maximize the effectiveness of marinades to unveil the most mouthwatering flavor you desire from your meats.

This tool may not look like your every day tenderizer, but it is equipped with various features designed to make it a prime choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It features an all-metal design that makes it sturdy and durable. Its stainless steel combs are great it preventing the machine from jamming.

With a simple turn of the machine’s hand crank, you can tenderize large chunks of meat. The device is fitted with 31 razor sharp blades made of stainless steel. A sturdy base and a pair of C-clamps make it easy to mount the gadget firmly on the kitchen countertop or other surfaces. Housing is constructed from aluminum. Cleaning the machine is easy thanks to its easy to disassemble 2-piece housing. Food-safe coating guarantees your safety.

Special Features

  • Sturdy all-metal (aluminum) construction
  • Armed with 31 stainless steel blades
  • Coated with food-safe material
  • Easily mountable on kitchen countertops with steady base and C-clamps
  • Comes with a pair of stainless steel tongs

9. KLEMOO Meat Tenderizer Tool

KLEMOO Meat Tenderizer is the gadget you need if you are tired of tough meats that do not cook properly and therefore hard to chew. It is equipped with 48 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that create tiny channels within the meat whether it is pork, chicken, beef, steak or even fish. The device with turn even the toughest of cuts into tender gourmet delights.

The tiny channels will allow your meat to absorb the marinade fast and reduce your cooking time by almost half. Your tenderizer will marinade for just 5 minutes. This will maximize the meat flavor and tenderness. Besides, it will ook evenly due to reduced shrinkage and deformation. In the end, you will always enjoy flavorful, succulent and juicy meat.

Another reason why you should choose KLEMOO Meat Tenderizer is its user-friendliness and control. The tool boasts of an ergonomic design with a comfortable, non-slip handle. Operating the little machine only requires you to press down on its top, and the razor-sharp blades will effortlessly cut through even the most robust fibers. You’ll need very little energy to operate this device. Even more lovely is that the tenderizer is top rack dishwasher safe.

Special Features

  • 48 razor sharp stainless steel blades for effective tenderization
  • Effortless control, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Reduced marinade and cooking time
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable, non-slip handle

10. Koncle Professional Needle Meat Tenderizers

Buy this affordable but professional meat tenderizer. It is made of high-quality food grade materials and features 56 ultra-sharp blades made of stainless steel. Each blade has a hard texture, resistant to corrosion and does not easily rust. The Koncle Meat tenderizer features an ABS hand press handle with a spring to give more convenience during operation.

One of the aims of any meat tenderizer is to shorten the cooking time. This unit dramatically reduces that time by allowing you to cut meat faster and marinade faster. The resultant meat is succulent, soft and juicy. The performance of this professional grade tenderizer is ideal for home kitchen, restaurants, eateries and hotels among others.

This unit is ideal for all kinds of mean not necessarily just cheap ones. It will tenderize chicken, beef, pork, turkey, fowl, venison and veal. Because the tool is compact and sturdy, you’ll find storing it an easy undertaking. It is portable and comes with a protective cover.

The blades of the tenderizer only deploy when you press the machine into the meat and automatically retract when you lift it. You can be sure of your safety. To clean it, soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes and then wash it off using a brush.

Special Features

  • Professionally designed and constructed
  • 56 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Extremely shortened cooking time
  • Great for use with all types of meat
  • Easy and safe to store and clean (by hand)

11. Flytt Meat Tenderizer

Flytt Meat Tenderizer may appear simple in design, but it is equipped with numerous features that make it a prime choice for even the busiest of kitchens and professional establishments. It features a black ABS plastic handle that is comfortable and ergonomic. This means you tenderize large quantities of meat without having to worry about exhaustion or strain on your hands.

This kitchen tool is armed with 48 stainless steel blades that make it not only useful as a tenderizer but also a beautiful addition to your kitchen appliances. The machine is durable and rustproof. It is also easy to use and more effective than many mallet and hammer models.

Flytt Meat tenderizer tool is straightforward to use. Just press it several times to allow the sharp blades to penetrate meats measuring up to an inch in thickness. This breaks tough fibers and connective tissues and makes the meat succulent for easy permeation of marinades. Your cooking time will reduce by as much as 40 percent.

As with other great models, this unit is designed to enhance the safety of operation. The super-sharp blades only deploy when you press the handle and automatically retract when you lift it. To complete the security is a storage cup. Detachable base design eases cleaning of blades with dishwasher or brush.

Special Features

  • High-quality construction with black ABS handle
  • 48 practical and ultra-sharp stainless steel knives
  • Storage cover for safe storage
  • Base detaches with ease for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher and hand-washing safe

12. Leifheit 23014 Pro Line Meat Tenderizer Tool

This unit might be different in design from all the other brands and models we have so far included in our top 12 best meat tenderizer tool reviews. The tenderizer has multiple uses because of its reversible base design. The round base of this tool consists of a flat surface and a spiked surface.

You can use the flat surface to tenderize chicken as well as other delicate meats. The spiked surface, on the other hand, is ideal for harder meat such as beef, and pork. Furthermore, you can use the machine to crush nuts and garlic. It is also great for making bread crumbs. Such versatility is unique to the Leifheit 23014 Pro Line Meat Tenderizer tool.

It features a heavy duty design that makes it sturdy to serve you for years. Although it is a little bit pricey, you will definitely gain value for your investment. You will also be excited by the fact that the machine is dishwasher safe saving the effort and energy of hand cleaning. The sleek design of this tenderizer is an excellent complement to its superior performance.

Special Features

  • Ergonomic design makes tenderizing easy
  • Reversible screw-in head with flat and spiked sides
  • A versatile machine that also helps with crushing garlic and nuts
  • Dishwashers safe for easy cleaning after use
  • Elegantly sleek design compliments kitchen décor


How to Choose a Meat Tenderizer

The options available when you are looking for the best meat tenderizer are mind-boggling. It may at first appear a daunting, or even an impossible, task to make the right decision. However, if you have information about a few essential features at the back of your mind, you can be sure to get the very thing you are looking for. So, here are a few factors to consider.

1) Design

Most brands and models of meat tenderizer tools share a few standard features because they are designed to perform similar tasks. However, they may differ in the methodology they use to achieve their functions. Some models use an array of sharp blades or knives that penetrate meats.

Other models feature a hammer or mallet head to pulverize meats and break up connective tissue fibers that make food tough. It is difficult to recommend a particular design, but it is up to you (the consumer) to test each design to find the one that best suits your needs.

  • The Tenderizing Surface: Of particular interest should be the tenderizing surface. A few models arrange their blades in a tight circle which is a great feature especially when it comes to cleaning and storage.

A few more brands use blades oriented in some linear fashion with just one line of knives penetrating the meat. The latter design is easy to use but might prove cumbersome if you have a large quantity of meat to tenderize.

Mallet and hammer type tenderizers usually feature a smooth side for pounding chicken and other soft meats such as veal. There is also a knobbed or a textured side for softening tougher meats and steaks. The choice is yours to make.

  • The Handle: Handle shape and quality is an important consideration. Almost all brands will promote their models as having ergonomic handles, but it should be a question of friendliness. A good quality tenderizer of meat should have firm handles to prevent accidental slippage use which can result in serious injury.

A good quality handle should feature spring-loaded action to allow the blades to retract when the handle is lifted upwards. Ensure the tension level of such grip is acceptable and convenient to avoid hand fatigue if you have to tenderize large quantities of beef.

A mallet or hammer tenderizer should also have a comfortable handle that feels secure in your hands. Try to go for a nonslip handle because it can get extremely slippery when using the tool. Compared to weight, ergonomics may be of more importance.

2) User-Friendliness

Going back in time, original mechanical tenderizers featured something similar to a table fork, elbow grease and high level of patience. The modern models come as a result of the need to make tenderizing easier. A high-quality tenderizer of meat should penetrate meat substance and break tough connective tissues with ease and little amounts of effort. At best, even an arthritic person should use it with ease.

This means the blades or knives should be incredibly thin, sharp and strong. Stainless steel is easy is to sharpen, food-safe and stays sharp for more extended periods than other materials. Apart from a comfortable handle, the surface area covered by each pass should also be significant to quicken the tenderizing process.

3) User- Safety

Safety is of the highest value when it comes to dealing with sharp objects. Based on design, the bladed or needle type tenderizers are perhaps the most intimidating prepping tools in a cook’s armor. Numerous razor-sharp knives pierce into meats and slice through dense fibers. This process may not be easy. Imagine what can happen if such force and sharpness is transferred to your hand. Therefore, go for models that put safety one of their primary concerns.

Do not underestimate the mallet or hammer types. They are similar to hammers used in the carpentry and construction industries only in this case you use them in the kitchen. They are heavy in nature. So, you must find a model that incorporates whatever kind of safety feature to safeguard your hand.

  • The Lock Mechanism: some quality models feature a locking mechanism on the handle. This gives users the opportunity to select an open or closed option during operation or storage. Once you twist the lock into position, the blades will not be free to move from that position. This offers a tactical benefit during the process of tenderizing meat and storage.
  • Retractable Blades: We have mentioned this safety feature earlier. It is practical in needle-style meat tenderizers. Try to avoid the traditional tenderizers that have their blades exposed at all times because they can be deadly.  The retractable mechanism exhibited by modern tenderizers only allows the blades to be revealed during use and retract between applications. This will keep your hand safely out of the harm’s way.
  • Guard: An additional feature of the new tenderizers is a guard over the tip of the needs when the device is not in use. In most cases, the guard is a plastic cap designed to fit snugly over the sections of the blades while the tenderizer is tacked away for storage. The aim is to prevent accidental contact with sharp edges. Furthermore, the guard protects the blades from damage or contamination during storage.

4) Ease of Cleanup

Since this item is cookware that gets into contact with food, it is vital that you maintain it clean at all times. Since it gets into contact with raw meat with substances that can be transferred between the blades and the meat, it is crucial that you keep it clean to prevent cross-contamination.

Better quality tenderizers are top-rack dishwasher safe. They may also be easy to clean by the use of a brush and hot soapy water between applications. Both blade-style and mallet/hammer-style meat tenderizers should be adequately sanitized between uses. This underscores the importance of buying and easy to clean model. Luckily most mallet/hammer-type meat tenderizers are dishwasher safe.

Helpful Tips

By now, you have probably made up your mind on the particular meat tenderizer to buy. If that’s the case, congratulations on your success finding what you have been looking for. Here are a few simple but helpful tidbits to help you get the most out of your investment.

  • Use your tenderizer on expensive cuts of meat

Many people believe expensive meat is already high quality and therefore may not need to be tenderized to be good. That’s wrong because expensive cuts also benefit a lot from the tenderizing process.

  • Thicker or substantial cuts of meat need tenderization

You do not have to tenderize just small and thin cuts of meat. More substantial or thick cuts such as a large beef roast or whole turkey can be made succulent to bring out their authentic taste and to encourage marinade absorption.

  • Use separate meat tenderizers for different raw sources

The aim of using separate tenderizers is to avoid cross-contamination that can arise from different types of meat. You can take advantage of the variety of colors to ensure you are not mixed up as to what tenderizer is preserved for what kind of meat.

  • Add seasoning during the tenderizing process

Especially the needle type will help with adding seasoning or dry rubs to meats to improve their quality. Any kind of seasoning you may want drive into your meat will be more effectively absorbed if you apply it at the tenderizing process.

  • Avoid overworking your meat during preparation

Use what pundits refer to as ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to tenderizing your meat. A single pass that is thorough is adequate to cut through and break the tough fibers in most meats. This preserves the shape and appearance of your flesh.


Q:  What is cross contamination and how can I avoid it

Ans: Cross contamination is the process by which microorganisms such as bacterial are unintentionally transferred from one substance (meat) to another, with resultant harmful effect. Most tenderizers are top-rack dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can clean it thoroughly before using it on another type of meat. Alternatively, buy different tenderizers for different kinds of meat.

Q: The sharp blades of meat tenderizers are scary. Is there a method to tack them away in the child-accessible drawer yet not worry about it harming my kids?

Ans: The first safety precaution when it comes to sharp objects is to keep them away from children. If you have a needle-type tenderizer, it would be better to treat it the same way you do other sharp utensils in your kitchen. The good news is that most modern tenderizers have safety features to prevent such accidents.

Q: What meats should avoid tenderizing, if any?

Ans: It is not advisable to tenderize all types of meat. Some very expensive steaks have in their substance significant quantities of fat which act as natural tenderizers. Besides, thinner cuts of delicate meat such as pork or chicken may lose their shape and structure if tenderized. Certain fish also belong to this category except for steak cuts such as those of tuna or swordfish.


There you valuable audience. We have tried our best knowledge to provide you with detailed reviews of the best meat tenderizers as well as a comprehensive buying guide. We have even included some tips to help you get the most from your newest investment. The ball is now on your courts. You can start enjoying high-quality dinner each time craving for a well-prepared meat knocks. Take time and check them out. We are motivated that you will find what you have been looking for in one of the models in our reviews.

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