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Top 10 Best Moka Pot Reviews With Buying Guide

A good cup of coffee each morning is a tradition that many coffee aficionados find difficult to avoid. Coffee is a beneficial beverage that can help boost your energy levels, make you smarter, improve your physical performance and even support you in your drive to maintain a healthy weight. The best Moka pot can guarantee you a nice cup of coffee to jumpstart you each morning while unlocking all the associated health benefits.

What is a Moka Pot?

We can define a Moka pot as an electric or stovetop coffee maker that brews coffee via passing boiling water pressurized by steam through coffee grounds. The word Moka comes from a Yemenite city called Mocha. Alfonso Bialetti, an Italian engineer, invented Moka pot in 1933. His industry continues to date and produces the pot under the model name of Moka Express.

Top 10 Best Moka Pot Reviews

We perfectly understand the challenge you have. That’s why we have spent several hours researching and evaluating hundreds of models. Besides consulting a team of experts, we have also used the personal experience of our team to narrow down to a list of top 10 Moka pots currently in the market.

Today, many firms have ventured into manufacturing these kitchen appliances. This may be good news because of the wide varieties available to choose from. However, it also brings many problems to people looking to find the best Moka pot.

Below are a comprehensive list and description of the highest quality yet affordable Moka pots that you can buy today.

Bellemain 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot

The Bellemain 6-Cup Stove Espresso Maker Moka pot gives you the opportunity to attract people to your kitchen without uttering a word. This engineering fete heats quickly and uniformly to make delicious hot beverages in any style you’d like them.

Unlike other models that distract you with busy finishing or graphics that cannot take the heat, the Bellemain Moka concentrates on performance. It features real Italian minimalist build and classic high-grade aluminum finishing that lets you focus all your attention on the mouthwatering cup in front of you.

This stovetop espresso maker Moka pot has a good capacity to make enough for your family and even friends. The fact that it heats quickly and evenly means you can make as much coffee as possible depending on the number of people you intend to serve. The pot is capable of producing 6 demitasse (2 oz) cups of coffee at a time on any electric or gas stovetop. Such capacity can guarantee you and your friends enough beverages for warm breakfast or a night cup.

A  Moka pot of good quality should be equipped with enough safety features to reduce the chances of accidents. Bellemain Moka pot features stay cool handles and lid knobs designed to protect your fingers against burn accidents. There is also a safety valve that regulates the temperature in the interior of your pot to mitigate the high pressure that forms during the brewing process.

Should you choose to buy this Moka pot, Bellamain will offer you their so-called Wake Up two-year guarantee that their product will work just as they have said. If for any reason you find any flaw with the pot within two years, only return it for repair, replacement or refund.

Special Features

  • Heats quickly and uniformly
  • Bellemain’s genuine Italian minimalist design and aluminum finish
  • Works with both gas and electric stovetops
  • Stay cool handles and lid knobs for safety
  • Safety valves regulate temperature and internal pressure

The Original Bialetti Moka Express Pot

For more than eight decades, Bialetti has produced millions of individual Moka pots. They have managed to maintain their original quality in modern designs. The iconic Original Bialetti Moka Express features a classic and technological simplicity yet delivers delicious cups of hot Italian coffee whenever it is needed.

The Moka pot is engineered to deliver rich and authentic espresso in a matter of minutes. Made of high-quality aluminum, the pot features Bialetti’s distinctive octagonal (8-sided) shape that enables it to diffuse heat perfectly. The result is an enhanced aroma of your coffee. The design looks classic but is also performance enhancing.

Most people look for an easy to use the device. Bialetti Moka Express pot is among the most user-friendly coffee makers currently in the market. All you need to do is add water in its lower chamber and then add coffee by inserting the funnel and filling it ground coffee. Place the pot on your gas or electric stovetop. Within minutes, you will have rich, delicious coffee to serve.

The pot is ample capacity. It makes up to 9 demitasse cups of rich, delicious and velvety espresso in a paltry 5 minutes. The maximum size of the boiler is 18.5 (fl oz) or 500ml. The large capacity means you can make enough coffee for your whole family and even friends. The pot will serve you and your family for years thanks to its high-quality polished aluminum construction.

Designed and put together in Italy, the Moka Express is a true mark of quality. Even better, it is covered by Bialetti’s 2-year warranty. Regarding safety, the pot features a patented safety valve that controls internal pressure. The device is easy to clean and disassemble.

Special Features

  • Made in Italy with high-quality polished aluminum
  • The distinctive octagonal shape is perfect in heat diffusion
  • Heats fast (5 minutes) and uniformly
  • Bialetti’s patented safety valve for temperature and pressure regulation
  • Easy to clean, maintain and assemble
  • Makes nine demitasse cups each time

Delonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

A few electric Moka pot can match the design and performance of the Delonghi EMK6 Alicia coffee maker. The Moka has many unique and performance oriented features that make it an excellent choice for aficionados of Italian espresso coffee. It offers you a compact way to get your daily coffee shot.

Designed to make 3 to 6 demitasse cups, the Delonghi EMK6 Alicia will give you enough coffee for you and your family whether you want it in the morning or at midnight. It features a filter adapter which allows you to choose whether you want to make 3 or 6 cups of coffee.

Its boiler is made of strong, durable and high-grade aluminum. Thus you can count on obtaining excellent espresso coffee for years to count should you choose to buy it.

One of its most significant features is the transparent coffee container which allows you to see and monitor the entire brewing process. It will always remain transparent as long as you clean it. But cleaning the container is also very easy.

EMK6 is fitted with an automatic shut off with a keep warm function to keep the coffee hot for up to thirty minutes. There is also an automatic safety shut-off to ensure that your espresso never overflows or burn. Another great feature is the cordless operation with a detachable base which makes serving convenient and straightforward.

Delonghi puts your safety their priority. Alicia has a 2-level safety system that automatically turns off the machine when it brewing process is completed and when the body of the pot is lifted from the base. There is also a pressurized safety valve to guarantee operational safety further.

Special Features

  • Makes 3 or 6 demitasse cups of rich, velvety espresso coffee
  • Keep warm function with automatic shut-off
  • Transparent, easy to clean coffee container
  • On/Off switch with an indicator light to show you when the unit is in operation
  • Durable, high-grade aluminum boiler
  • Pressurized safety valve guarantees safe operation


Mateojo Stovetop Moka Pot

Enjoy the great taste of original espresso coffee by buying Mateojo Stovetop Espresso Maker. Although made in Cuba, this espresso machine makes the authentic Italian espresso with Cuban coffee. Mateojo Moka pot is medium capacity capable of producing 6, 2-ounce cups of coffee at a time. Six cups are enough to give your family a morning treat.

Great products are technologically sound yet very easy to use. Mateojo Moka pot is no different. The package includes an easy to follow instructions in simple language. The guidelines also include recipes, tips and many more. Even first time users cannot have problems using this device.  Mateojo website also has how-to videos to help with first-time use. It will make a rich, flavored and velvety espresso coffee in a matter of minutes.

Mateojo stovetop espresso Moka pot is exceptionally versatile. You can make your favorite restaurant-grade coffee favorites the way you like it. The pot is excellent for many varieties of coffee drinks including latte, Americano, cappuccinos, and many others. It offers you a way to make great and tasty Cuban coffee without having to spend tens of dollars for a cup of your favorite beverage in expensive coffee shops.

Besides being affordable, the Moka pot is built to last. Its body is constructed from high-quality aluminum that will withstand heat, impact and other abuses. The aluminum body is straightforward to clean. All you need is warm water, soft cloth, and a mild detergent. If you have any problems, Mateojo offers an 800- number as well as internet access for straightforward support.

Special Features

  • Medium capacity stovetop Moka pot
  • Technologically sound but very easy to use
  • Instructions include recipes, times and how-to-videos
  • Made of high-quality materials for durability
  • Versatile and works in minutes
  • Reliable customer support including an 800-number and web-access

Cuisinox Roma Stovetop Moka Espresso Maker

Cuisinox offers you an excellent and inexpensive way to enjoy your favorite classic coffee drinks. Their Roma Stovetop Moka pot is highly effective in making tasty and rich Italian coffee in a few minutes. The pot is available in three different sizes (4-cup, 6-cup, and 10-cup), each with an extra gasket and a reducer. Merely choose depending on the size of your family or the number of friends you always entertain.

You will love this premium grade stovetop Moka pot for many reasons. First, it features a distinguished style that is hand-crafted to the best possible standards. The body is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel that is polished to a mirror finish. The base is an induction type that makes it suitable for use with all kinds of cooking surfaces. Such design makes Cuisinox Roma Stovetop elegant and practical.

The most incredible feature of this espresso maker is its flexibility. If you have a small family, but you also love to welcome friends occasionally, the 10-cup pot is ideal. If you wish to make less coffee while using the large capacity pot, merely fill the base half-way with water to the safety valve. Place the funnel filter of the pot in the base. Insert the reducer into the funnel filter.

This will reduce the capacity available for coffee grounds by half. You can then add your ground espresso coffee and brew your favorite beverage. You can increase the capacity of the drink you make as you like. This will save you a lot of money because you will not have to buy two or more different sized pots.

Special Features

  • Great for Italian technique of brewing coffee
  • Distinguished design with handcrafted components
  • Induction type base works with all cooking surfaces
  • Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel with an elegant mirror finish
  • Comes with a reducer and an extra gasket

Venus Induction Capable Espresso Coffee Maker

Perfect for those who desire smoother coffee flavor, the Bialetti 6-Cup Venus mixes elegance and beauty in a wonderfully designed stovetop espresso maker. The pot features the original Bialetti idea of reliability and quality. Like other great quality coffee makers, this one is hand-crafted with high-quality materials for exceptional performance and durability.

Both the outer and inner parts (including the filter plate and the funnel) are made of high-grade 18/10 stainless steel. Such material is a true mark of durability and performance. Other aspects of beautiful design are the handle and lid which are ergonomic and heat-resistant.

Its induction base (also made of stainless steel) works well with all cooking surfaces. It is compatible with all types of stovetops including gas, electric and induction. Keep in mind that the maximum boiler capacity may be slightly more than the final output. A little quantity of coffee will remain in the boiler for brewing.

This coffee maker will produce 6 cups of rich, tasty, delicious and authentic Italian espresso coffee in a paltry 4-5 minutes. It is effortless to use. The process is straightforward. Besides, the package includes an easy to follow instructions that anyone who knows how to read can use. That makes even a first time user will not struggle.

Bialetti Venus Induction Capable Coffee maker works only with coarse ground coffee. Never use other beverages such as cacao powder, teas, smooth ground coffee or instant coffee because they can clog the filter plate damaging the pot. With correct use, the pot can give you several decades of high-quality coffee.

Special Features

  • Elegant and beautiful Bialetti design
  • Inner and outer parts are made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Compatible with all types of cooking surfaces including induction
  • Produces rich, velvety Italian espresso coffee in 4-5 minutes
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain

Moka Pots

GROSCHE Milano Moka Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker

GROSCHE offers you a high-quality yet affordable Moka coffee maker that is available in 3, 6 or 9-cup capacities. Just choose the size that will be ideal for your needs. The Milano Moka coffee maker features a beautiful and elegant design with the capability to make creamy and delicious espresso coffee of the classic Italian variety.

The most frequent risk users of Moka pots face while using the device is an accidental burning of fingers. This happens when they try to pick up a hot pot. Grosche Milano does not have this problem thanks to its soft-touch burn guard handle. The handle is rubber coated with an ingenious burn guard to protect your fingers. The soft touch rubber finished handle sits away from your body thereby reducing admissibility of heat.

All Moka pots are designed for easy use. However, the Grosche Milano is even more comfortable. The entire process is well laid in an easy to follow instruction. Keeping for both office and home use is easy. When it comes to cleaning, the manufacturer recommends that you wash it by hand. Never place it in a dishwasher. This is because aluminum will tarnish naturally in a dishwasher thereby damaging its finish.

To guarantee you years of service, the pot is made of high-quality lightweight and durable aluminum. It will work on all electric and gas stovetops. It is not suitable for use with induction stovetops. The Moka pot comes with a one-year guarantee on a purchase. You will love this espresso coffee maker the moment you see it.

Special Features

  • Creates 3, 6 or 9 cups of rich and tasty Moka espresso coffee
  • Soft-touch rubber handle with burn guard to protect fingers
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain (not dishwasher-safe)
  • Works on all gas and electric stovetops (not induction stoves)

VonShef Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker

The VonShef Stovetop Moka pot combines elegance with performance to deliver you with some of the riches and tastiest espresso coffee drinks in existence. Although modern in design, the pot makes authentic Italian espresso coffee that takes you back in time Roman history. It’s available in 6-cup capacity and comes with 4 free glass demitasse cups.

The unit is incredibly easy to use. You do not need to have any sophistication to use the pot. That notwithstanding, the manufacturer includes an easy to understand and follow instructions on how to use the machine. With it, you will forget making any trips to the expensive coffee shops. The pot allows you to enjoy your coffee in a matter of minutes.

VonShef Stovetop Espresso Moka pot is designed to dismantle easily for expedited cleaning. It is recommended that you clean it by hand. Compact design that measures about 7.8 inches X 5.4 inches X 4.3 inches make it ideal for use at home or on the road giving you the golden opportunity to enjoy your favorite coffees anywhere.

The simplicity of use makes this Moka pot one of the most preferred models by new espresso coffee aficionados. All you need to do it add water filtered water and coarse ground coffee beans to the device and place it on your hot stovetop. The appliance will heat quickly and draw water through its funnel filter where the fumes infuse with coffee grounds to make rich, hot Moka coffee.

VonShef Moka pot is also ideal for brewing Americano-style black coffee. It is versatile. You can use it to make different coffee drinks on all types of cooking surfaces including induction hobs. This unit will form an excellent gift for a loved one.

Special Features

  • Available in 6-cup capacity with 4 free demitasse glasses
  • Made of stainless steel for the elegance of durability
  • Easy to use and clean (hand-washing only)
  • Compact design suitable for travel
  • Works with all types of stovetops including induction hobs

Vremi Stovetop Espresso Maker

Enjoy classic Italian espresso coffee right on the go by buying Vremi Stovetop Moka, the coffee maker. This sturdy and compact espresso maker is so portable that traveling coffee aficionados find it difficult to leave it behind once they buy it. The appliance is incredibly easy to use and makes 6 cups demitasse cups (about 1.4 liters) of rich and tasty Italian coffee.

The Moka pot works extremely fast. Your favorite espresso will be ready in just 5 minutes after the beginning of the process. This is quick enough to jumpstart you to take on a long busy day. It will eliminate your need to go out and to your local coffee shop each morning to get your preferred cup of espresso coffee.

Featuring a classic octagonal design and aluminum construction, Vremi is one of the most elegant and durable Moka pots you can ever buy. The octagonal shape is not simply for aesthetics. It is also functional. It works to diffuse heat and improve the aroma of coffee. The pot features an ergonomic, rubber padded handle with finger grips for effortless handling.

The versatile espresso coffee pot works perfectly with electric, gas and induction stovetops. To be specific, it works with compact induction hobs with the largest diameter being not greater than 10.16 cm or 4 inches. The versatility means you can pack it along as long as you have coffee grounds, clean water, and heat source. Its small size also means also means it will take only a tiny space in your kitchen. What a great espresso maker!

Special Features

  • Small, compact and durable coffee maker
  • Aluminum construction is elegant and strong
  • Octagonal in shape to improve heat dissipation
  • Rubberized handles with finger grips are ergonomic and comfortable
  • Works with electric, gas and induction hob stovetops
  • Perfect size to save kitchen space

IMUSA USA B120-43V Stovetop Coffeemaker

The last but not least product in our best Moka pot reviews is the IMUSA USA B120-43V stovetop coffee maker. Designed and constructed here in the US, this Moka pot has all the features necessary to make it a major contender in the race to become the best stovetop coffee maker in the market.

It is made of high-quality, durable aluminum with keep warm feature. It means you can make your 6 cups of coffee and even keep more for a later serving without worrying about growing cold. The pot has a cool touch handle and a knob for safe and comfortable handling. The handle is designed to keep your hand away from the body of the pot to reduce the risks of accidental burns.

To make the pot even easier to use, it features a flip-up top, as well as a side, pour-spout for effortless serving. The spout eliminates any chances of spillage while serving. Such features make IMUSA USA B120-43V an excellent appliance for preparing and serving rich and tasty espresso coffee. The pot’s small and compact design makes it an ideal choice for traveling.

Made for stovetops, you can use the Moka pot with most hot surfaces including gas, coil or ceramic surfaces. It heats very fast giving you hot and delicious espresso coffee in just 5 minutes. Although made in the United States, IMUSA used classic Italian technology to ensure the coffee delivered has the original European and South American taste.  The pot is not dishwasher safe. Therefore, you must clean it by hand. You do not need to worry because the appliance is very easy to dismantle and clean.

Special Features

  • Traditional aluminum finish is elegant and durable
  • Keep warm feature allows for later serving
  • Cold-touch handle and knob is safe and ergonomic
  • Flip-up top and side-pour spout makes easy serving
  • Compatible with gas, coil and hot ceramic surfaces


How to Choose the Best Moka Pot

It is probable that you have spent time and money looking for the good Moka pot to buy. The process can be daunting if you do not have enough information to guide you. But, you also know that you will only enjoy an excellent tasting coffee if you use a high-quality machine.

Luckily, you have no need to fret because you will find the information right here. Consider the following factors, and you will not fail to get what you have been looking for.

Who And Where Was It Made?

Think coffee, think Italian. To be honest, no country understands the value of coffee more than Italy. It is also not a secret that the best coffee machines come from Italy. Therefore, choosing a stovetop espresso maker made in Italy can guarantee you a perfect cup of high-quality coffee at all times.

Does this mean you cannot get a good quality, high performing Moka pot elsewhere? You still can, but it is a gamble. You may need to carry on some research to evaluate what other users say concerning that particular model. Otherwise, stick with genuine Italian brands.

How Much Coffee Can It Make?

Moka pots exist in different sizes ranging from those capable of making single cups to those that can produce 10 cups. Your choice of capacity should depend on how many people you intend to serve. A one-cup espresso maker is ideal if you are alone. Choose a larger capacity, if you have a family or you often enjoy your coffee with friends.


Most Moka pots are designed to be used with stovetops. However, there are different types of stovetops. Some models will work with gas or electric stovetops. Others will work with both. Some particular models may also work with induction hobs. It is safe to buy a versatile stovetop coffee maker that can work with any stovetop heat source. A highly versatile model will most likely be more expensive.

Construction Material

Most brands use either aluminum or stainless steel to construct their Moka pots. These two metals are excellent conductors of heat although at different speeds. Stainless steel looks elegant and durable. It also conducts heat very fast. The problem is that it tends to get too hot. This can increase the risks of getting a burn, especially with careless handling. Stainless steel is also costlier.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is not so elegant but it conducts heat pretty fast. However, it does not get too hot to minimize the risks of burns. Aluminum stovetop espresso makers are also cheaper and lightweight.

Safety Features

Your primary concern should be your safety when it comes to handling hot stuff. Burns are the most typical problems people face with Moka pots. However, high-quality models should be equipped with safety features to prevent accidental burns. The safety features to look out for include burn guard handle and lid knobs. It should also have a good spout pour.

Electric or Manual Moka Pot

Admittedly, Moka pots are among the most challenging kitchen appliances to use. The difficulty comes from the fact that you have to control the coffee grind size and temperature carefully. You will have to deal with these two elements if you choose a manual espresso maker.

Electric models work more or less like electric kettles. All you need to do is plug it into a power outlet, and all other processes will happen automatically. State-of-the-art electric models can even more intuitive features. Advanced ones can allow you to set timers to brew cups of coffee for you each morning before you wake up. The problem is that such advanced espresso makers are costlier than the regular ones.


Q: What is a Moka pot?

Ans: A Moka pot can be defined as a stovetop or electric coffee maker designed to brew coffee by passing steam pressurized boiling water through ground coffee. It is formerly Italian cuisine.

Q: How do Moka pots work?

Ans: When placed on a stovetop, a Moka pot creates heat which enhances the pressure at the bottom of the pot. Peak pressure will force the hot water up the funnel. The hot water then sips through the coffee grinds into the uppermost chamber. The stream will brew rich and bold coffee flavor.

Q: What is the best Moka Pot?

Ans: A good quality Moka pot should be able to brew thick, creamy and tasty coffee drink in the shortest time possible. It should be of suitable capacity, durable and safe to use. It should also be easy to dismantle and clean.

Q: Is it possible to use Moka pot on an electric stovetop

Ans: Yes, as long as you are careful to keep the heating element away from the handle. Also, ensure you use less heat to minimize the chances of your coffee grinds getting burned in the process of trying to brew. You can also use Moka pot on gas stovetops and induction hobs (if your model has an induction base).


We hope that you can now step out and buy the best Moka pot in the market. Although the information here is a little mouthful, it is precisely what you need to help you make the right decision. As a coffee aficionado, you can save lots of money by making a rich, tasty and velvety Moka coffee right in the comfort of your home or office.

Take advantage of the information you obtain here to make an informed choice. Each of the pots in our reviews has stood the test of time and has proved its worthiness to be considered the best. You can check them out. Otherwise, you can use the buying guide to make your personal choice.

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