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Best Pizza Cutter In-depth Guide & Reviews

If you love pizza, you must know how devastating it is, having a piece of pizza that keeps slipping off your hand whenever you get a bite. It’s okay to have that little dance with burgers, but not with pizza. Chances are, a whack cutting tool will most likely ruin your piece of pizza.

Therefore, you need the best pizza cutter for a perfectly shaped pizza. Finding the best pizza cutter can be overwhelming, especially when you have so many options. Luckily, this article has a list of top ten pizza cutting tools in the market.

 Best Pizza Cutter Reviews

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

Chief on the list is the Kitchy pizza cutter. This wheeled pizza cutter cuts through your pizza cleanly and swiftly. It has an ergonomic handle with a very sharp blade that you won’t have to cut back and forth.

The following are the pros and cons of Kitchy pizza cutter wheel


i. Sharp edges

You only need to pass the wheel blade once through your pizza to make a clean cut. It ensures that your pizza retains its original shape and in perfect slices.

ii. Easy to clean

You can clean both the exterior and the inside parts of this cutter. Unlike most pizza cutters, it is possible to open the Kitchy pizza cutter and be able to clean out the stuck particles of pizza.

iii. Good handle

It has an ergonomically designed handle and non-slip padding that makes it comfortable to hold and use.

iv. Perfect slicing

Due to the unique design, it is easy to cut your pizzas and maintain the toppings.

v. Compact tool

It is easy to carry this cutter especially when you want to slice your pizzas at the afternoon picnic. You don’t have to carry a big bag to accommodate the cutter for your outdoor activities.


  • It is not safe to clean

Although Kitchy pizza cutter wheel is safe to use, you stand a high chance of hurting yourself when washing the cutter.

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade with Cover

According to consumer reports, this cutter is among the top-rated cutters. It is convenient in slicing your pizza of any toppings. It has a sheath that covers the edges when the cutter is not in use.


i. Value for money

It is versatile, and you don’t have to own multiple cutters for different toppings. Having this cutter will save money you would spend to buy a variety of cutters for each function

ii. Safety

It has a specially designed plastic to store the blade. The blade is stainless steel resistant to rust and has no wooden handle which gives germs no chance to hide.

iii. Effectiveness

It cuts your pizzas into perfect slices effortlessly. The Rocker blade slices your treat with the minimal strength. Therefore, you won’t have muscle pains after a night of pizzas with your loved ones.

iv. Dishwasher convenient

You don’t have to wash this cutter by hand. You can include the cutter with your other cutlery when dishwashing it.


  • Burns from the pizza

You can easily suffer burns from the hot steam when you are slicing your pizza with this cutter. For this reason, you should not allow your kids to have the honors of cutting the family pizza.

OXO Good Grips 4- Inch Pizza Wheel

OXO pizza cutter is one of the best rocking pizza cutters that let’s slice through a thick-crust pizza. It is compact, and you can carry comfortably to your picnic. It has a long handle and wheel blade that cuts your pizza with minimal effort. Here is all you want to know about the OXO pizza cutter;


i. Convenient to carry

It is suitable to travel with, and it has a compact shape, so you don’t have to stress on how to pack the cutter. You can conveniently to use it to cut your pizza when you are on a date or picnic.

ii. Efficient

It has a unique design that makes it effortless to cut. The handle has a non-slip grip hence comfortable to hold. It is hard for it to slip off your hands no matter the thickness of the pizza.

iii. Sturdy blade

Another captivating feature of the Oxo grip wheel is the fact that it has a sturdy blade that can cut large pizzas

iv. It is safe

It has a long handle that solves the problem of worrying about a steamy hot pizza burning your hands. Also, the cutter has a die-cast zinc thumb guard to protect your hands. It is a tool that you can comfortably let your kid help you slice.


  • It has an open blade

Its open blade makes it not safe to carry around. You can hurt yourself if you unknowingly pass your hand close to the blade’s edges. It is not a tool you can comfortably send your kid to get from the kitchen.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

If you are looking for a cutter with a long handle that is easy to handle and rust free, then Utopia pizza cutter is what you need. It has a handle 8-10 inches long and a large and robust blade that gracefully cuts your pizzas into perfection. Read below to find out why it’s among the best cutters in the market;


i. Durable

The entire design of this cutter is high-grade stainless steel that never discolors, tarnishes, bends or forms scratches.

ii. Hygiene

This cutter is easy to clean as you can reach all the spots of the cutter ensuring that it’s spotless.

iii. A comfortable and a unique design

It has 8-10 inches handle that aids you to slice your pizza with ease. It doesn’t slip off, and you don’t have to slide it more than once to cut. One swing is enough to slice the pizza.

iv. Perfect toppings

You no longer have to bother that your tool is going to destroy your toppings. This cutter leaves your toppings exactly how the pizza was cooked.


  • It is not safe with kids

Its blade is very sharp and open which is risky for kids.

  • It is not portable

Even though the long handle is significant, it also limits you to carry the cutter. You will have to get a bigger purse or bag to accommodate the cutter.

ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Halfway down the list is a pizza cutter favorable for Star Trek fans. ThinkGeek pizza cutter has a stainless steel blade attached to a Zinc alloy handle. Find out more why it’s the best rocking pizza cutter in the market.

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i. It is durable

The zinc alloy handle is not prone to rust hence the cutter can serve you for a long time.

ii. Can cut any toppings

With this cutter, you no longer have to make pizzas with soft toppings to avoid breaking your tools. It doesn’t matter what toppings or thickness of your pizza, Think Geek cutter will slice the pizza perfectly.

iii. No fuss

It has a sharp blade that lets you cut your pizza without much effort.


  • It is not compact

The large size of the cutter is its significant drawback which discourages most people from carrying it around.

  • It is not dishwasher friendly

You can’t dish-wash the cutter hence you have to do it by hand. Washing it by hand may lead to injuries if you accidentally hold the sharp edge.

The Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel

If you prefer wheeled pizza cutters, this is another cutter you can consider. It is stainless steel with a durable blade that is halfway covered by the plastic handle. The premium cutter has no handle. Instead, it has a small but firm grip area.

Check out its pros and cons below;


i. Cuts effortlessly

The premium pizza cutter has a high-tech performance blade with a cutting-edge design that allows you to slice through your pizza without using too much energy.

ii. Don’t mess your toppings

It will be a massive difficulty if the wheel keeps getting stuck when slicing your pizza. The wheel rotates swiftly above pizza maintaining all the toppings at their exact positions.

iii. Durable

The plastic handle is very firm and can’t break easily making the Premium pizza cutter as one of the long-lasting best pizza cutters in the market.

iv. Cleanliness is crucial

Apart from it being easy to clean, this cutter doesn’t remain with crumbs after cutting. More, it doesn’t take too much time cleaning it, as there are no hidden spots.

v. Unique design

It comes with a cover that protects you from the blade when it is not in use.


  • Assembling

It is easy to lose its parts after opening it for cleaning. Take time to clean it to avoid losing any item that would affect your cutter’s functionality.

  • Cleaning cost

No one wants to use a greasy cutter to slice his or her treat. Therefore, after every pizza session, you’ll need to wash your pizza cutter which is very tricky with this cutter. It has a slippery design that’s easy to cut yourself.

OXO Good Grip Easy to Clean Pizza Wheel and Cutter

This is another pizza cutter from OXO. Commonly known for their excellent grip, this pizza cutter is no different. However, it is unusually small, and instead of a handle, it has a soft and small grip area.

The following are the pros and cons of this cutter;


i. It doesn’t slip off

The non-slip material that makes up the small grip area of this cutter cancel out your fear of dropping it to the floor or worse – slip and hurt you.

ii. Suitable for dishwashing

Its small size gives no room for pizza crumbs to stick on this pizza cutter thus you can dish-wash comfortably.

iii. Perfect slicing

This wheel cutter rolls along your preferred lines leaving your pizza in the right shape and sliced to perfection. You don’t have to own to sets of pizza cutting tools. You can use this cutter for both soft and thick pizzas.


  • Cleaning can be tedious

Though you can dish-wash this pizza cutter, you have to open the entire compartment to clean it. The process can take you a while, and you could hurt yourself as well.

Pizza Cutter

KitchenAid Pizza Wheel, Red

Of course, KitchenAid has to be on the list of the best pizza cutter in the market. Who wouldn’t want a cutter that has a firm 7-9 inches handle? Its blade is sturdy and never gets blunt.  Let’s take a glance at its other features to know why most users critically acclaim this cutter;


i. Maintains the toppings

The Kitchenaid wheel is efficient in slicing your pizzas to perfection without ruining the placement of your pizza toppings. It ensures that the toppings and shape are unaltered.

ii. Rust-free

The blades are uniquely designed to avoid rusting. The KitchenAid’s ability to resist rust guarantees its users more service by the product.

iii. Long lasting blade

The blade doesn’t get blunt. Blunt cutters always destroy the shape and the toppings of the pizza. The manufacturers solved that problem with this cutter.

iv. Safe storage

It comes with a hole for hanging on the wall. So, you do not have to keep unpacking your drawers in search of the cutter. The hanging feature ensures that your child doesn’t come in contact with the blade.

v. Strong cutter

You no longer need more tools to cut your pizzas. The KitchenAid cutter will slice both your thick and thin pizzas to perfection.


  • Too open blade

One of the significant drawbacks that I did not like about the KitchenAid cutter is that the edge is too open. You are likely to get hurt if you unhang the cutter clumsily.

Winware Pizza Cutter 4 Inch Blade with Handle

Winware is one of the best cutters that come in handles of different sizes. You can choose a handle for each task. The blade has a diameter of about 4 inches which guarantees you a perfect cut even with thick pizzas. Before getting to the drawback of this cutter, take a look at its other unique features;


i. The long handle

This particular feature of Winware pizza cutter lets you cut your pizza without getting to feel the steam of the pizza. The handle and blade are amazingly enlarged to keep your hands away from the heat.

ii. More credit for you

It is very stylish, and you will definitely gain recognition from your friends.

iii. Get more for less

The Winware tool can cut more than just pizza. With it, you can quickly chop your lasagna with ease. You can evade the hassle of buying tools for cutting everything with just this one cutter.

iv. Professional tool

Chef de cuisine also uses the Winware pizza cutter for various functions in the restaurant. The primary reason why professionals love this tool should tell you that it’s a good cutter.

v. Reliable

This particular tool won’t let you down during your pizza sessions. Its blade is strong and won’t break easily. You can leave an outstanding impression on your friends with this cutter.

The drawback

  • It is not portable

Despite its impressive functionalities, this cutter is not compact at all. This is a huge setback if you want to travel the cutter.

Precision Kitchenware- Ultra Sharp Pizza Cutter

Last on the list is another professional pizza cutter that both beginners and professionals can handle. It is compact and somewhat easy to use.

Its pros and cons include;


i. It has a very sharp blade

You can rely on the Precision Kitchenware pizza wheel cutter to make perfect slices of pizza without spoiling the toppings.  Also, you don’t have to cut more than once to make a perfect slice.

ii. Better storage

Similar to KitchenAid, this cutter also comes with a hole for hanging. You don’t have to find an extra drawer to store this cutter. This feature guarantees the safety of your kid.

iii. Save on space

Another benefit of hanging this cutter is that it occupies very minimal space. Hanging the cutter will help you find it faster whenever you want to use it rather than unpacking the entire cutlery drawer in your kitchen cabinet.

iv. Cuts effortlessly

Its blade is sharp, so you won’t have to use too much strength when cutting a pizza.


  • It is not portable

The Precision pizza cutter fails as a small tool. For that reason, it is ideal to use it at home rather than move around with the cutter.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Pizza Tool


It is essential that you find a tool that you can comfortably tag along while going for a pizza date or even to your friend’s house. Select a cutter that can comfortably fit in your bag without affecting the contents in your handbag.

The handle

Most people have found themselves in awkward situations while waiting for the pizza to cool for them to cut without the hot steam. You can avoid that by choosing a cutter that has a long handle which is not too close to the blade.

Storage is crucial

Obviously, you won’t be using the cutter all the time. You need to get a cutter you can store comfortably when it’s not in use. Pizza cutters that have hanging holes are favorable and safer if you have kids around.


The sole purpose of a pizza cutter is to cut right? Look for a cutter with stainless steel and never gets blunt. Sharp pizza cutters let you slice your pizza with minimum effort and still maintain the toppings and the shape of your pizza.

Easy to use

You don’t want a pizza cutter that gives you a challenge while using, right? Avoid having a sophisticated cutting tool lying in your kitchen drawer just because it is complicated to use.


What’s the point of a pizza cutter worth a fortune? The next time you go shopping for a pizza cutter, you should look for one that is pocket-friendly. A pizza cutter that digs deep into your pocket is a no! Many good cutters go for lower prices. For instance, the above cutters have remarkably low prices.

It should be more than a pizza cutter

Most kitchens have tools that are not used whereas the owners still buy more and more tools. For most people, it is usually because they have tools that can only perform one role.

Why fill your kitchen with such junk whereas you can buy one tool that plays more than one role? Get a pizza cutter that can do more than just cutting your pizza. Most cutters can help you with your tarts and pastry. Try them out!

Life span

Avoid using your hard earned money on fake pizza cutters. Do not get duped into buying a tool that breaks now and then. Go for a cutter that survives through all the pizza sessions. Avoid having your pizza session halted because the only cutter available has broken down.

Easy to clean

An easy to clean pizza cutter is an advantage that you should look for when shopping for an ideal pizza cutter. However, for a full advantage package, you can look for a cutter that is dishwasher convenient. Nevertheless, not all households have the washer. So go for one that is easy to wash by hand as well.


Who would have known that finding an ideal pizza cutter can be this easy? Like any other tool, you should buy a cutter that serves you best. Most people have different preferences, don’t get a cutter just because your friend has the similar model. Go through the above list of the top 10 rated pizza cutters in the market taking keen on the essential features best for your needs.

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