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Best Rotary Cheese Graters with In-Depth Buying Guide

The need for the best rotary cheese grater in any kitchen whether commercial or home is an undeniable fact. The reason for this is that any decent tasting pizza, pasta, salad, soup or any other dish will only look and taste better with an elegant topping of grated cheese.

While it is easy to walk into any food store and buy any brand of grated cheese, there are better ways to unlock all there is to this to cheeses. There is no need to limit yourself to the possibilities available in your local market when you can try out many different recipes with your very own rotary cheese grater.

Top 10 Best Rotary Cheese Graters

With that information, we can now embark on describing the top 10 of the best quality cheese graters of the rotary type. These are the models that have a combination of great features that set them apart. You can check them out.

ZYLISS Classic Rotary Cheese Grater

Kitchen equipment can look very similar, but the difference comes in their performance. ZYLISS Classic has stood the test of time as a high-quality rotary grater. This utensil is efficient and reliable. These are the very reasons why the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) has certified it restaurant-quality. Few other models have received this coveted certification.

It has been designed to maintain high standards when it comes to food hygiene and offers comfortable user experiences. Many features are responsible for such high quality. First, it has high-grade stainless steel drum blades capable of grating your cheese to an incredibly fine texture. The edges are also sharp enough to grate other ingredients such as nuts and chocolates.

Second, the grater is also fitted with comfortable and ergonomic handles. Even more interesting is that you can maneuver the handle to match the opposite side. This means both left-handed and right-handed users can operate it without a problem. Put in another way; the grater is ambidextrous.

Third, all its parts feature strong construction materials for durability. The drum blades are made of stainless steel while the housing is made of sturdy plastic. These top-quality design materials only mean that your grater will serve you for decades before requiring replacement. Its compact size means it will not give you any problems with organization in your kitchen.

Last but not least, ZYLISS features removable parts to allow for quick clean up. All its parts are dishwasher safe which is very convenient. Because of its ergonomic grip, you can grate as many ingredients as you need without feeling strained in your hands. A slight drawback is that you cannot change the number of drums blades.

Special Features

  • Stainless steel drum and sturdy plastic housing are durable
  • Its drum can accommodate cheese, chocolate, and even nuts
  • Sturdy design stores compactly in a drawer or cupboard
  • The grater can be adjusted for both right and left-hand use
  • Easily dismantles for cleanup

ZYLISS Classic Rotary Cheese Grater

Although the name of this product is similar to the first ranked product, it is a little different in design. However, it enjoys many of the features of the ZYLISS brand. It differs from other models even within the same brand because it is designed to serve only one purpose – grate or shred ingredients. It is not intended to work with other components.

What consumers love most about this classic rotary cheese grater is the fact that it is fitted with a fine stainless steel drum. Once you turn the crank, the drum can effectively and efficiently shred all types of ingredients including nuts, hard cheeses, and even frozen chocolates.

Like all the ZYLISS rotary cheese graters, this one is also designed for ambidextrous use. You need to remove the handle and attach it to the opposite direction, and it will match your dominant hand. Such flexibility and versatility mean you can use it with one hand and then change to another if first-hand feel tired. It is also a great feature where many different people would be using the machine.

Although made of the plastic housing and metal drum blades, the ZYLISS Classic Cheese Grater is one of the most durable graters you can buy. To prove this, the product has been certified after passing the strict and rigorous standards to be restaurant-grade by National Sanitation Foundation. The certification means you can use this grater for commercial purposes.

An excellent rotary grater should be easy to clean and use. This grater from ZYLISS has plastic parts that do not stain easily. The stainless steel cylinder can get stained by oxidation. However, the unit can be dismantled to allow access to the inner parts.

Special Features 

  • NSF restaurant-approved rotary cheese grater
  • Has fine drum blades for fine grating of chocolate, cheese, and nuts
  • The handles are drum separate for easy cleanup
  • Handles switches for ambidextrous use
  • Comes with ZYLISS’s 5-year guarantee
  • The product is dishwasher safe

Westmark Multipurpose Rotary Cheese Grater

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the Westmark Multipurpose Rotary Grater is a high-quality, and durable product that will serve you for years. It possesses the many great features associated with the German brand which has made a name for itself in the culinary industry.

As the name indicates, it is one of the most versatile rotary grates currently in the market. Besides being a cheese grater, Westmark is a slicer, a cutter and a shredder of a variety of ingredients. It works perfectly on vegetables and other ingredients such as chocolates and nuts. Few rotary cheese graters can achieve such levels of versatility.

The device is extremely durable. It is made using top-quality stainless steel drum blades with an ABS handle and housing. The design includes 3 rubber suction feet to make sure that it holds fast and securely to the countertop. The result is improved stability for easy use. Westmark also designed to allow you to fold it away to save lots of kitchen space.

Although excellent quality with sophisticated design, this grater is among the easiest to use. It comes equipped with 3 different shapes to grate. There is also a dedicated drum for fine grating, one for coarse grating and yet another for cutting or slicing ingredients. The versatility makes this Westmark’s product ideal for carrots, cheese, nuts and cucumber among others. The ergonomic handles also make the product comfortable to use.

To give you peace of mind, the Westmark backs its customers with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. In case it gets damaged for any reason within 5 years, you can return it for replacement or refund subject to the firm’s terms and conditions.

Special Features

  • Made in Germany with high-quality materials
  • Stainless steel drum disks and ABS housing and handle
  • Requires only soap and water to clean
  • Comes with 3-different drum blades for versatility
  • Backed with a 5-year warranty

Kuuk Drum Grater for Cheese

Kuuk provides you with a beautiful, robust, reliable and effective grater for cheese. It is a countertop rotary cheese grater will give you shreds of fine shreds to enhance your favorite dishes. Although promoted for cheese, this versatile grater is ideal for onions, vegetables, carrots, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, and nuts. It is also great for hash browns as well as grating for coleslaw.

Kuuk Drum grater is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is place the unit on your countertop or other flat surfaces, lock its lever and then insert the circular blade. Afterward, put your ingredient in the chute and press down. Proceed by turning the handle. The result will be fine, freshly grated food ready for devouring by you and your family and friends.

The drum comes with two blades that allow for many cooking options. It has a fine grater that will enable you to grate thin, delicate cheese. This grater is ideal for creating thin strips for salads. There is also the grove grater that allows you to grate larger thicker pieces perfect for filling tacos. The two drums are easily interchangeable and are fitted with incredibly sharp stainless steel rotary blades.

Kuuk Drum cheese grater comes fitted with a suction base to provide a tight and effective grip on any flat surface. It also has an ergonomic handle that you can use endlessly without feeling fatigued. The grater does not take up too much space in your cupboard. You will also find this kitchen appliance extremely easy to wash by hand.

Special Features

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Comes with two easily exchangeable blades allowing for versatility
  • Countertop cheese grater with suction base
  • Suction base offers tight grip and stability
  • Drums have super-sharp blades made of stainless steel
  • Housing made of BPA free plastic

Vivaant Professional-Grade Rotary Grater

While any regular grater is fantastic when it comes to zesting, they are often messy and awkward when it comes to grating things like fresh vegetables, chocolate, hard cheeses, and nuts. The Vivaant Professional-Grade rotary grater will leave no mess regardless of what you wish to grate. It is designed to work best with hard cheeses and not softer cheeses.

The grater comes with a few lovely features. It has patented locking handle engineered to improve stability and minimizes friction for effortless grating. To enhance versatility, the appliance comes with two sharpened stainless steel drums. The fine drum is for grating hard cheeses, nuts and chocolate. The coarse drum is for shredding vegetables.

Another lovely point of this product is that you will receive two free serving containers with every purchase. You can attach a container to the grater on the opposite side to the handle and shred directly into containers. Serve your guests directly from the container on the table. There is also a large hopper to hold more food.

Vivaant had made life easier for everyone by designing an ambidextrous handle. The handle reverses for left-hand usage. Cleaning and maintaining this device is effortless. It is designed to disassemble easily. You can then toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher because all components are dishwasher-safe. The easy disassembly also improves versatility.

This rotary cheese shredder is made from high standard materials. It will not bend and crack as other brands do. The housing is made of ABS plastic while the drums are made of stainless steel. The plastic is BPA free, and FDA approved.

Special Features

  • Made of robust, safe and durable materials
  • Comes with 2 free serving containers with tight caps
  • The hopper is ample to hold more ingredients
  • Meets all safety standards including FDA approval
  • An ambidextrous design

Rotary Cheese Graters

Westmark Multipurpose Rotary Cheese Grater

If you are looking for top-quality, German-made kitchenware, then look no further than the Westmark Multipurpose rotary cheese grater.  This appliance is one of the best in the market today and rated among the top today. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features and specifications that make it ideal for both home and commercial use.

The grater features a durable and robust design that will serve you for years. Each product features rust-proof stainless steel drums and ABS plastic housing and handle. The plastic is sturdy, durable, smooth and rust-resistant. Be sure to use this kitchenware without having to worry about going for a replacement.

Westmark rotary grater for cheese is multipurpose. The product comes with three different drum blades for three varieties of shapes to grate. There is a fine drum for fine grating, a coarse drum for coarse grating and a third one for cutting or slicing. Such level of versatility makes the grater ideal for shredding, chopping or slicing carrots, cheese cucumbers, nuts, and many others.

You can make the product ambidextrous by just switching the placement of a drum. Thus anyone can use it whether right handed or left handed. Similar to other high-quality rotary graters for cheese, this unit is armed with an ergonomic handle making it comfortable and efficient to use. You can grate for hours without feeling a strain in your hand.

Conventional graters pose many problems when it comes to clean-up. They are not easy to dismantle, and this makes cleaning very difficult. This Westmark product dismantles easily allowing for easy cleaning. The components are all dishwasher-safe.

Special Features

  • Top-quality German engineered rotary grater
  • High-grade stainless steel drums with ABS housing and handle
  • Comes with 3 different drums for different grate sizes
  • Armed with ergonomic handles for comfortable use
  • Dismantles easily and dishwasher-safe
  • Backed with 5-year Westmark warranty

Round Mandoline Drum Slicer Rotary Cheese Grater

Featuring a unique round design, the Round Mandoline is one of the best rotary cheese graters in the market. It features drum blades made of high-grade stainless steel. Other parts are constructed with strong and durable ABS plastic. With such construction materials, you cannot expect your grater to bend or crack even with extensive usage. It is also virtually rust-free.

The grater’s perfect safety profile means you can use it without getting concerned about your health. The product is FDA approved for use with food materials.  You can use it to grate cheese, carrots, assorted fruits, radish, potatoes, chocolate, nuts, cauliflower breadcrumbs, cabbages, pumpkins and cookies among others.

The kitchenware is engineered to have a large hopper and sharp blade for smooth operation. It can slice or grate large quantities of food in short periods without hurting your hand. These user-friendly features make Round Mandoline ideal for any kitchen be it home or commercial establishment.

If you buy the Round Mandoline cheese grater, you get a multifunctional tool. It boasts of 3 effortlessly interchangeable stainless steel drum blades to allow for a variety of cooking options. These include fine grating, slicing, and coarse shredding/grating. Such versatility is ideal for professional use but is also great for home use by enthusiastic chefs.

The Round Drum Slicer is designed for countertop or flat surface use. It features a suction base that grips tightly and securely to clean, smooth surfaces for ease grating with a turn of the handle. The slicer sits diagonally so that the grated pieces fall out of the hopper by themselves. The main is to reduce clogging.

Special Features

  • Made of high-grade stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Big hopper and sharp blades ensure effortless use
  • Offers multiple functions in a single drum slicer
  • Designed with user-friendly features
  • Takes little countertop space and can be used with one hand

LOVKITCHEN Rotary Cheese Grater

Garnish your dishes by grating cheese and other ingredients with the LOVKITCHEN rotary cheese grater. This multipurpose slicer boasts of 3 different rotary drums made of stainless steel for all types of ingredients. All you need to do is to interchange for either coarse or fine grating. The third drum blade is for slicing vegetables.

A top-rated rotary cheese grater should be easy to clean. It is as simple as inserting food into the hopper of the rotary grater and then turning the handle to shred or grate. You may have to tap the grater lightly a few times to release all the cheese from the hopper. In a few moments, you will have fresh, vibrant and velvety cheese to devour.

LOVKITCHEN rotary grater is versatile. It can grate hard and soft cheeses, pistachio, Parmesan chocolate, nuts and almonds among others. Even more beautiful is that you can use this tool for zesting and shredding. This level of versatility means the grater is suitable for both home and commercial use. Ordinarily, you will expect such high-quality rotary cheese grater to be costly. LOVKITCHEN is one of the most affordable graters in the market.

This all-metal grater is made of high-quality stainless steel. The material is strong, durable and food-grade. Stainless steel is also very easy to clean. Just dismantle the grater and toss it into your dishwasher. Since it features a compact design, you will find no problems with storage. It comes with handles for hanging and can fit into small cabinets.

Special Features

  • Multipurpose grater with 3 different drum blades
  • Very quick and easy to use
  • Made of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel
  • Compact design and handle with a hole for hanging allows for easy storage
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

SLC Swift Rotary Drum Grater

Enjoy the service of a multipurpose grater in SLC Swift Rotary Drum. A number of performance-oriented features make this kitchen appliance one of the best rotary graters currently in the market. It is equipped with three different ultra-sharp rotating cylinder slicers each made of food-grade stainless steel. The rotary cylinder blades are easily interchangeable allowing you to create a variety of food choices.

The SLC Swift was probably designed for chefs who wish to learn through experimentation. You can say this because of its versatility that allows you to experiment with different food choices. It is great for grating, slicing, shredding and cutting different ingredients. Use it for hard and soft cheese, chocolate, hash browns, coleslaw, nuts, potatoes, fresh vegetables, onions and many more.

Another reason for choosing the SLC Swift is ease of use. It is designed for countertop use thanks to a suction base that ensures a tight grip as well as stability on flat surfaces. The hopper of the grater sits slightly diagonally so that the grated ingredients flow out smoothly through gravitational pull. This means your work area will not be messy even if you are dealing with soft cheese.

A good product should be high-quality but also very easy to use. SLC Swift is no different. With a simple crank of its handle, you will have wonderfully done ingredients. Turning one circle will deliver 12 cuts. This means your work will be quick and effortless. The grater is also designed to disassemble easily to allow for drum interchange and cleaning. The different parts are dishwasher safe.

Special Features

  • 3 different interchangeable blades made of food-grade stainless steel
  • High-efficiency cheese grater and vegetable slicer
  • Has suction base with a locking mechanism
  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • All parts separate easily and are dishwashers safe

LOYALMASTER Rotary Cheese Grater

LOYALMASTER offers you an opportunity to save your knuckles from the damaging effects of the traditional cheese graters. This Blue Speed Drum slicer is specifically designed to take care of you by keeping your hands at bay from the razor-sharp blades thanks to its food pusher. Besides keeping you safe, the device will help you make different food finishing quickly.

Their Round Mandoline is armed with several features and specifications that make it a prime choice of serious chefs. The most vital of these features is its three different drum blades. Each drum is made of food-grade stainless steel. There is a drum for fine grating, the second drum for coarse grating and a third drum for slicing vegetables. The blades are easily interchangeable.

The ergonomic handle of this Tumbling-box is designed to adjust appropriately in unison with a clicking sound to the drums. This reduces any chances of the handle coming off while you are operating the machine. Another great feature of the handle is that you will not need very powerful hands to operate since the handle is non-stiff.

Durability should be a significant concern for anyone looking to buy the best rotary cheese maker. Thankfully, LOYALMASTER grater qualifies as one of the most durable graters currently in the market. It is made of sturdy, durable and rust-resistant ABS plastic that is BPA free. This means the food that comes to contact with the stainless steel and the plastic hopper is safe for human consumption.

Choose this Round Mandolin cheese grater if you love kitchen-friendly gadgets. It features a compact design that allows you to store it in space spaces within your cabinet. Its countertop design with the suction base means you will not have to deal with messes associated with grating softer ingredients.

Special Features

  • High-efficiency grater that comes with 3 different drums
  • Multipurpose for slicing, grating, and shredding Sturdy, lockable suction base for stability on flat surfaces
  • Made of strong, rust-proof and BPA free ABS plastic
  • Dismantles for easy cleaning

How to Choose the Best Rotary Cheese Grater

You now know why you need to upgrade from your conventional cheese grater to a rotary model. But with the overwhelming varieties in the market, how do you arrive at the best choice? Well, you do not have to be a genius to pull it off.

Here are a few factors that should serve as your reminders before you go out to make your purchase. Paying attention to them will make your job much easier, and you will be satisfied with the choice you make.

1. Construction Material

In almost all cases, the shredding blades of rotary graters are made of metal. Other parts, however, can feature other materials such as plastic. When creating a choice, ensure you go for a model that feature high-quality materials that do not break when exposed to high pressures.

A stainless steel grater is strong enough to withstand any pressure that results from shredding hard ingredients such as nuts. Handles are especially predisposed to damage when shredding a hard material. Therefore, it is vital that a handle is made of sturdy material such as stainless steel or hardened plastic.

2. Capacity or Size

This factor is important but personal. It would not be logical to suggest the exact capacity of the rotary grater to buy. Otherwise, a good recommendation is to buy a size that fits your needs. If you cannot make a decision, then plan to buy a medium-sized unit to eliminate the need to continually put chunks of cheese or other ingredients if there is the need to shred vast amounts of the ingredients.

The capacity also determines what you can grate at a time. For instance, a petite model may not allow you to grate large blocks of cheese or a whole carrot at a time. Also, remember that larger models will take up considerable spaces in your kitchen making organization a challenge.

3. The Number of Drum Blades

The number of drum blades is a significant consideration if you are looking for a versatile rotary grater. It ought to be the primary concern when it comes to the type of cheese you want to grate and what you intend to use the cheese for. This is because you can set the blade to coarse, fine grating or slicing (as in the case of vegetables).  Such versatility is only possible if you choose a rotary cheese grater that comes equipped with many drum blades.

4. Design

Everyone wants a kitchen appliance that looks good to enhance the masterpiece of their kitchens. But that is strictly personal. The design feature that matters is whether the grater is countertop or handheld.

In case you prefer a unit that you grab from the kitchen cabinet to help you shred some sweet cheese as a garnish finishing on your favorite dish, a handheld model will do the trick.  It deploys quickly. It is also easy to use.

However, there is a big challenge with the handheld models. You will need to hold down a clamp with one hand while at the same time cranking the handle with the other hand. If you not comfortable with that, then a countertop model would be the best choice for you.

5. Ease of Disassembly

A high-quality grater should be easy to assemble and disassemble. Without this feature, it would be difficult to change the drum blades if you want to make cheese shreds of different gratings. Easy to disassemble models are also easy to clean because you can access the inner parts that are often hidden from view. It also needs to be easy to bring back together.

6. A Suction Base (For Countertop Models)

If you prefer countertop models, then you must ensure you buy one with a suction base. This feature will allow you to use the grater without worrying about it slipping and falling on the counter thereby creating a mess. Besides, a suction base secures the cheese grater to the surface allowing you to turn the handle more easily.

7. Handle and Clamp Ergonomics

Most rotary cheese graters are designed to be used by two hands. It is therefore crucial that you feel comfortable in both sides while operating the appliance. It is thus essential for you to choose a model with comfortable and ergonomic handle and clamp. This will reduce fatigue and tiredness that may come with poor quality handle and clamp.

What Is A Rotary Cheese Grater?

A rotary cheese grater is a little different from conventional handheld, box-shaped, and tower cheese graters. This type of grater has a drum blade inside that turns when you crank a handle attached on the exterior of the grater. The drum blade grates the cheese which then comes smoothly out of the inner chamber. The beauty of such mechanism is that it keeps everything on your working area neat and free of any mess.

What Is The Advantage Of Rotary Cheese Grater Over Others?

If you have used types of cheese grater other than the rotary type, you will quickly appreciate the many benefits the latter has over the former. Here are 3 unique benefits you get from a high-quality rotary cheese grater:

Quick operation:

You will get a perfectly and smoothly shredded cheese within a few seconds. This is because you place a block of cheese inside the chamber of the grater and then turn the hand crank and you’ll have your grated cheese.

  • Versatility: A rotary cheese grater can quickly shred not only blocks of hard cheeses but also chocolates as well as other ingredients. Conventional cheese graters do not have this level of versatility.
  • Neat and Less Messy: The loveliest thing about rotary graters for cheese is their cleanliness. You can grate even the softest cheese without having bits of cheese sticking on your hands. You cannot say the same of the older types.


Qn1: What is the best rotary cheese grater?

Ans: It is not easy to pick anyone cheese grater as the best. However, the one that has many of the features of convenience, excellent safety profile, ability to dismantle easily and durable construction could be considered the best. Use our buying guide as a reference.

Qn2: What can you do with a rotary cheese grater?

Ans: A high-quality cheese grater should be multipurpose. It should be able to shred, slice and grate different foods ingredients to perfection. It should shred cheeses, chocolate, veggies, nuts, butter, garlic, potatoes, and many others.

Qn3: Where can you buy a rotary cheese grater?

Ans: Cheese graters of the rotary type are available in all major physical stores selling kitchen appliances and gadgets. However, the best place to shop is online retail shops like Amazon.com. Online stores give you the opportunity to see lots of brands and models, read their descriptions and see customer reviews. You can also compare prices.

Qn4: What is the best material for rotary cheese graters?

Ans: Since cheese graters are used to process foods, the materials used for their construction must be food-grade. The drum blades should be made of food-grade stainless steel while the housing can either be made of the same material or BPA-fee ABS plastic.

Final Verdict

Have you found this resource helpful? Hopefully, you have. The ball is now on your courts, and it’s upon you to act. Finding the best rotary cheese grater may not be as easy as buying the newspaper. However, this review and buying guide eliminates many of the challenges you could face if you go shopping without information. With 10 products to choose from, nothing can stop you from getting yours from that list. Just use the in-depth buying guide provided to make a personal choice.

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