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Best Water Distiller Review with Buying Guides

You must know why it is crucial to have clean water in your household. Traditionally, people saw boiling water as an effective way of purifying water, but the adverse side effects have changed the perception of clean water.

Boiled water usually leaves behind contaminants such as heavy metals and salts that are hard to notice when we drink the water. That’s where water distillers come in. A water distiller is a piece of equipment that produces high-quality water through the distillation procession.

Many distillers in the market differ regarding performance, efficiency, and design. You have to drink water every day if you want to live healthily hence it’s crucial to have pure, clean water free of contaminants.

Therefore, it is imperative you have the best water distiller in your home because you can’t always trust tap water which is not safe even after boiling. You need to purchase a water distiller convenient to your preferences.

Best Water Distiller

The following guide has all the specs, pros and cons of the best water distillers.

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

This distiller incorporates steam distillation plus a carbon filtration technique to purify water. It heats water to 212 degrees to kill any form of bacteria and parasites to ensure that no contaminants pass through.


The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have certified this water distiller – UL is a trusted independent global science company that thoroughly tests products to ensure it complies with the essential safety standards.

Stainless Interior

Its 304 stainless-interior and pure glass collection ensure the safety of the product. This feature makes sure no presence of plastics poses threats of water contamination.

Easy to use

It is effortless to use and convenient as all you need to do is pour 4l of water into the boiling chamber, press a button, and in 5.5 hours you will have a gallon of clean distilled water.


The Megahome unit is built and tested to ensure that it’s durable. It is inbuilt with a thermal fuse and a high-temperature thermostat to prevent it from overheating.

The plastic cap

The downside for this product is the plastic cap on the pitcher. During the distillation process, the steam that settles on the plastic can flow down to the pitcher and contaminate the water.

Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller 

What you should know about the H2oLabs distiller is that it is a stainless steel water distiller with a glass carafe and a glass nozzle insert. You can familiarize with other features of this distiller by looking at its pros and cons.

Effective Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) Removal ability

It has carbon pads that make efficient for removing all the VOC materials from the water. The carbon pads last twice longer and three times better at filtering than pads in other water distillers.

Easy to Use and Ergonomically Designed

It has a single-button start that automatically turns the distiller off when not in use. Also, the glass carafe has an “Easy Lift” ergonomically designed handle.


The full length of the condensing coil and its steel entire steam chamber is high-quality Stainless – Grade 304 to be precise. This stainless grade is versatile and can last a lifetime. Also, its carafe is tough-to-break solid glass.

Convenient and Efficient

The manufacturers have creatively designed the nozzle to ensure it doesn’t come into contact with the plastics. The only plastics presents are food-safe and BPA free.

The distiller can produce around 4 gallons of water per day.


It is small 16.5 x 12 x 11.3 inches and weighs approximately 13.18 pounds. This optimal size is ideal to carry around, and won’t consume much space in your household.

The only thing that manufacturers need to rectify is the noise it produces during use.

ROVSUN 4L Countertop Water Distiller Machine

You can roughly describe ROVSUN as high performance, cost-effectiveness, and very easy to use durable waters distiller. Let’s take a look at its specs;


This distiller features well-executed automation and a 750 heating element that can distill 1 liter of water per hour. It uses a filtration mechanism consisting of three activated charcoal sachets that ensure no form of VOC filtrate through.


The Food and Drug Administration board have certified ROVSUN distiller since it has adhered their standards. The full 304 stainless steel body is a food safety material that ascertains the credibility of this distiller.

It is not wasteful

The ROVSUN distiller is one of the best water distillers in the market that is economically friendly. For instance;

  • It has a soft catheter and a 4l shockproof glass container that prevents leakage of water.
  • It produces a lot of heat during the distillation process. The heat can be helpful during winter. To avoid overheating during summer, you can turn on the aluminum fan on the distiller.
  • It is environmentally friendly since it makes minimal noise.
  • The distiller’s and the carafe large openings make it suitable for dishwashing.


It weighs considerably less at approximately 13 lbs./6.2kg. Therefore, you can carry the distiller from your home to your place of work comfortably. It also doesn’t occupy much space (size-18.7″x11″x13.8″) hence you can conveniently store it at any point in your household.

Its high price doesn’t match what it can do

MegaHome Countertop Distiller

You get used to distilling water with Nutriteam’s Megahome countertop distiller by just pouring 4L of water into the boiling chamber then hit the button. For about 6 hours you will have pure distilled ready to drink. This distiller won the hearts of many people. Let’s find out why;


Most people trust the Megahome countertop because the Underwrites laboratory has approved it. That means it has met all the food safety and standard regulations.

Higher Performance

It uses steam distillation technique complemented with a carbon filter to produce high purity water. It boils waters up to 212 degrees creating unfavorable conditions for bacteria and parasites to survive. It is amazing how it can purify 1 gallon of water through that whole process in less than 6 hours.

It is Safe

It is one thing to purify water and the other to secure the water safe to drink. The Megahome countertop has glass 304 stainless interiors perfect for storing water safely. This water distiller has a high-temperature thermostat that prevents it from overheating. The thermostat lets the distiller shut-off automatically after the distillation process is complete.

The hot steam that settles on the can leach out harmful chemicals from plastic. The chemicals can cause dreadful effects.

Mophorn Pure Water Distiller

Ranking fifth is the Mophorn water distiller which is suitable for home consumption, office, labs or traveling ventures. It is one of the few best water distillers in the market with the highest power output of 750W. Some of its best features include;

It is versatile and quick

It is ideal for removing most of the tap water impurities. You can use it in any environment as long as there is tap water. It can distill 1 liter of water per hour which takes around 4 hours for it to purify its full 4 liters’ tank.

Easy to use

It automatically shuts down when the temperature reaches 160C or 320 F. Distillation process is usually ending the water reaches up to that temperatures. It also turns off when the level of water is low.

Cleans water thoroughly

The water distiller uses a charcoal filtration system to achieve the highest levels of purity. It removes contaminants such as bacteria, parasites and dissolves solids. The Mophorn doesn’t leave any traces of VOCs in your drinking water.

Made of Safe materials

Its physical structure includes a food-grade 304 stainless steel and a plastic container that is BPA- free plastic. The fan is made of aluminum. All these materials that make up this distiller are safe and cannot contaminate the water.


The lightweight (10.6 lbs/4.8kg) of the Mophorn water distiller also allows you to use the distiller in any environment since it is effortless to carry. It has a relatively small size convenient concerning space.

Produces heat and noise

It produces some noise during the distillation process. The 750W power output is pretty high and can heat up the room. It is advisable to use it in a well-ventilated room to avoid accumulation of heat generated by the distiller. Also, you can consider using it outdoors.

Water Distiller

Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller

Ridge yard is the fastest best water distiller in the market. It has a more-efficient water output that can make up to 6 gallons of clean water in a day. This rate is comparably faster than its contenders. What else can it do?

It is safe

It has an innovative stainless nozzle insert that prevents the clean distilled water not to be in contact with the distiller’s plastics. At the bottom of the distiller, you will see proof of all the impurities removed from the water. The contaminants frequently form a coating in the distiller after the purification process.

Easy to clean

The distiller and its carafe have large openings that allow you to wash it by hand easily.


The Ridge yard water distiller weighs 6.3 kg with very minimal dimensions perfect for carrying around and space-saving.

It is Automatic

It is completely automated with an over-temperature protection that lets it to power off when the temperature reaches 160℃ (320 ℉)

The distiller’s material composition

It’s 304 stainless steel chamber, and the fan stainless blade can operate for a long time without wearing off.

  • Some of its parts are plastic
  • It doesn’t have filters, so it mainly depends on heat to purify the water

Mini Classic

Folks with small-size families prefer this mini classic water distiller due to its compact size. You can use the distiller in apartment buildings or even in RVs. Unfortunately, its small size also means that it has a low capacity as well. A household of more than two people will have to keep it running maintain enough supply of clean water to sustain them. Why is it among the Best distillers in the market?

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Easy to operate

The distiller is ready to function right from the store. No assembly is required after purchasing the product. Of course, you need to wash the distiller before you start using it. You can wash off the coating caused by impurities with a cup of vinegar.

It is economical

Like a mini air-conditioner, the mini classic consumes very little power (total wattage of 800 watts).

It is efficient

Despite its small size, it can produce up to 3 gallons of clean water per hour.

It is portable

The small nature of the mini classic distiller makes it convenient to use in small-sized interiors since it doesn’t take much space.

It is safe

The design of the distiller doesn’t allow water to come into contact with its plastic parts.

CNCShop Water Distiller

This is another water distiller with a power output of 750W. It can hold 4L of water and has an over-temperature safety feature. The distiller powers-off when the temperature exceeds 160 degrees. The CNC shop water distiller can purify water at the rate of 1L per hour. So, what makes it special?


It can meet the budget of any consumer because it consumes minimal amounts of electricity and costs little to maintain.


It is relatively small and weighs around 4 kg. It is very convenient for your kitchen space as well as easy to carry it along to any destination.

Easy to operate

It has automated features which integrate an over-temperature safety mechanism that switches the distiller on temperatures beyond 160 degrees C. You quickly remove the impurity coatings with a glass of vinegar.

It has an aesthetic value

The product portrays a stylish contemporary design that gives your kitchen (or any interior) a classy look.

The distilled water gets into contact with the plastic parts when pouring into the collection container. The manufacturers need to work on this issue.

CO-Z 4 Liter Water Distiller

The CO-Z water distiller is also very fast like the ridge yard distiller. It has a 50Hz 750W heating element that can produce 1.5 liters of pure water in 60 minutes. Apart from a quick distillation process, let’s take a look at what else it can bring to the table;

You require no skill to operate it

All you have to do is fill the distiller with water and press a button. The water level has to be at the required standard for the distiller to work. And will only work if you refill. It is controlled by a thermostat that automatically switches off the distiller to prevent burn-out (occurs when the temperature exceeds 300ºF).

Food Grade Safe Materials

The steam chamber and the condensing coil is 100% grade 304 stainless steel, and any plastic present is food grade and BPA free.

Dishwasher safe

The distiller and carafe have large openings that give easy access to the inner parts of the distiller during cleaning.


You don’t need to purchase and replace the filter cartridges since they are stainless resistant to rusting.

It is very noisy and can take up to 5 hours to distill one gallon of water. It is best you operate it overnight.

Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller

Last in the list is a high performing water distiller that produces 5Gallons of water daily considering how small it is (16 x 9.5 x 15 inches and weighing 11.8 pounds). The product package comes with a polycarbonate collector and one carbon post filter cup. What are the interesting features of the Water Wise distiller?

It is safe

Its parts contain food-grade material, i.e., the thermoplastic boiler and plastic collector. The activated carbon filter is made from organic coconut shell. This water distiller has a cooling fan to prevent A cooling fan improves efficiency and prevents it from overheating.

It is effortless to maintain

First, you don’t have to assemble the distiller after buying it since it is wholly packed with all parts intact. Second, it has thermoplastic interior concealed with an element that can never be coated with scale and mineral deposits – a common problem with most distillers. Finally, it is fully automated whereby the distiller automatically shutdowns after every 1-gallon cycle.

It is portable

You can store and travel with the distiller. It can also withstand rigorous movements since its materials are shatterproof.

Even though its plastic material cannot shatter, it is not as durable as the stainless materials. No to mention, the plastic parts are not healthy for drinking water.

How to Purchase the Best Water Distiller

Dishwasher safe

Some distillers will pose challenges when it comes to washing. The scale coating that remains at the bottom is a common characteristic in most distillers usually difficult to remove. Consider a water distiller that has a thermoplastic interior with a concealed element that doesn’t allow the scale to form.

Easy to Maintain

Look for a distiller whose repair parts are readily available. Choose a product that’s fair on the maintenance costs especially electricity usage.

Meets the health standards

Avoid distillers with any plastic materials. Even the collector could provide room for recontamination of the water.


If you travel a lot, make sure you buy a small-sized and light-weight distiller.


Tap water is full of contaminants; solid contaminants, bacteria, VOCs and a lot more. Since we drink a lot of water on a daily basis, it is essential you have the best water distiller on the market. It’s advisable to buy an outstanding distiller in your home to purify your water to be safe for cooking and drinking.

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