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Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Do you prefer simplicity and convenience matters during cooking?

Are you tensed about your high electricity or gas bills?

If your answer is yes, then the Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop will be the best option according to your preference. We spend a considerable number of hours for our cooking every day. So, it is mandatory to spice up your kitchen to overcome your boredom. Moreover, your passion for cooking will be enhanced with a mind blowing kitchen.

The Nesco PIC 14 Portable Induction Cooktop is able to give you a new cooking experience in the kitchen. It will surely amaze you with the new zeal of cooking. Let’s find out some amazing feature about this gorgeous and effective induction cooktop-

Features of the Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop

This Induction Cooktop has come with all of the latest technologies. All of the features you needed such as portability, easy maintenance, user friendly, energy efficient, safe and digital controlling system came in one elegant package. Peek below to know details about the Nesco PIC 14.

Power Settings

  • C1 – Melt/Warm
  • C2 – Simmer
  • C3 – Boil
  • C4 – Fry
  • C5 – Sear

This induction cooktop works with an electromagnetic field to produce heat to the pan. Moreover, it has a built in the magnetic base by which user can detect whether their pan is compatible or not. This product needs only 110 voltage of electricity. So, it saves your electricity bills significantly.

Cooking Capacity

The overall cooking surface of this burner is 11.5 inches in diameter. The heating coil is 10.5 diameter in inches.

But the Nesco company recommends the user not to use the cookware more than 10 inches in diameter. The best cookware size of this cooktop is potted up to 5 quarts and 8-10 inches of flying pan.

Appearance and Construction

The Nesco Company make this cooktop super slim. It is a fully blackish cooktop. The flat surface, where you are going to put your pan, has an outline to secure your pan during cooking.

The flat cooking surface is easy to clean. The flat surface of this cooktop is made by lightweight heat resistant material. So there’s nothing to worry about the burning food.

Controlling System

To control this cooktop, there is some power controlling option available beside the flat surface of this cooktop. There are four buttons on this product. These buttons are on/off button, Cooking Mode button, Increase and Decrease button and the LED display screen. In this LED display, the temperature and voltage will be displayed.


This induction cooktop is easier to use. This cooker will heat up the cooktop only when the appropriate cookware will detect. Otherwise, it doesn’t cost the energy of yours. Moreover, this cooktop will automatically shut off when it cannot detect any cookware into it within 1 minute. It also does not cost any electricity when there will be no cookware.

But there is a caution, if there is a spoon or fork left on the cooking surface, this product will still produce heat.

Security Sensors

The Nesco PIC 14 induction cooktop comes with a bunch of safety sensors which can detect any kind of security error immediately. If this cooktop can detect any problem, it shows a warning message on the LED display by using codes. It displays seven types of error codes according to the problem.

These codes with description are listed below:

Error Codes


E0The E0 code appears by Circuit Error Detection Sensor. If this cooktop has found any problem in the internal circuit design, it displays this code.
E01The E01 code appears by Pan Detection Sensor. If the cooktop cannot detect the cookware of it, it displays this code. Moreover, if the diameter of the pan is less than 3.15 inches, then it will also show this code.
E02The E02 code appears by Internal Overheat Protection Sensor. If this product gets over heated, then it will display the E02 code. In this situation, the manufacturer company recommends the user to restart this product to solve this problem.
E03The E03 code appears by the High Voltage Detection Sensor. The default voltage level of this product is 120 voltages. If the voltage exceeds 140 Voltages, then it displays this error code.
E04The E04 code appears by the Low Voltage Detection Sensor. If the voltage flow falls below 95 voltages, then this cooktop shows the error code E04.
E05The E05 code appears by the Electrical Issue Detection Sensor. If the cooktop can detect any short circuit or faulty electrical problem, then the E05 error code will display.
E06The E06 code appears by the Overheat Protection Sensor. This code will appear if the zone on the surface marked with the circle is overheated. There are a lot of reasons to become over heated such as circuit problem, voltage problem etc. If its normal temperature exceeds, then the product displays this code. Users have to restart the cooktop to solve this types of problem.


As this cooktop is light weight and slim in size, so this cooktop is easy to carry. You can take it anywhere you want. If you have a power source with 110 voltages, you can easily connect your cooktop there. So, this cooktop is the perfect option for them who loves travelling.

Energy Efficiency

The Nesco Cooker PIC 14 costs maximum 1500 watts. This power is enough to cook for your deluxe cousins and as well as for your families also. This induction cooktop uses the paragon mechanism to save the energy significantly.

It can save 84 percent more energy than the gas burners, propane cookers, electric stoves and any other burners available on the market.


To ensure the proper ventilation system, the Nesco company included a fan into this cooktop. this fan will continuously work even if you switched off the cooktop.


This product is designed with the portability in mind. Peek below to know details about the dimension of this cooktop:



Height2.3 inches (5.842 cm)
Wide14 inches (35.56 cm)
Length12 inches (30.48 cm)
Cord Length5 feet (152.4 cm)
Weight5.5 pounds (2.49476 kg)
Shipping Weight7 pounds (3.17515 kg)
Coil Diameter7 inches (17.78 cm)

The pros and cons of Nesco PIC 14 are listed below:


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy usability
  • Portable
  • Quick heating
  • Lightweight
  • Quick cool down
  • Cost effective
  • No need of the user manual. The cooking settings are printed on the control panel
  • Safety sensors, which make the item safe for elderly or children
  • Cooks evenly if high quality induction cookware is used
  • Uses less energy so it can be used in camping, road trips, and many other places


Short power cord compared to other cooktops:

  • Requires quality induction cookware for high performance
  • Do not have a timer
  • Requires quality induction cookware for high performance;

Final Verdict

The foremost thing of this Nesco PIC 14 burner is its user friendly design and the simplest design. Moreover, nothing can beat the accurate temperature control, the effectiveness and the safety of this induction burner. They are far safer than the traditional burner of homes and university dorms. It is also a fantastic alternative for an office or kitchen as well. So, it will be definitely a good buy.

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