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Nuwave PIC2 Induction Cooktop Review – Is it Perfect for Your Kitchen?

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 which is formerly known as NuWave PIC2 is one of the best rated cooktops around the market based on the reasonably affordable price with lots of amazing features. You have assuredly thanked the modern technology for this wonderful creative concept which makes your kitchen chores hassle free and totally enjoyable.

This NuWave PIC2 Precision Induction Cooktop is a wise choice for the users who are new to the cooking kingdom. With the numerous awesome features such as adjustable temperature, time and energy saver, overheat protector, reasonable price will definitely attract the families for a better time in the kitchen.

Important Features of Nuwave PIC2 Precision Induction Cooktop

It is the only portable burner that can reach the controlled temperature of 575 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where Gourmia -GIC 100 and Duxtop 1800-watt portable have the ability to control 460 degrees Fahrenheit. It can boil water within 90 seconds and you can save 70% energy. +++++

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 16 x 14.3 x 7.7 inches

Item Weight: 9.6 pounds

Color: Black

Controlling Features

This cooktop has a crowded control panel. This crowded control panel may be lead you to think that the control panel of it is quite difficult to use. But this not the case at all. You will find this cooktop definitely cool at the time you are going to use it.

The curved control panel of this gorgeous cooktop is located on the downward of the front side. In fact, the full cooktop is rounded which has differed this from the other cooktops around the market.

Look at this photo below to know details about the control panel:


Let’s see what you can do with this cooktop:

Start Button

The “Start” button of this control panel is located on the right corner of this cooktop. This button allows you to start the cooktop after you have put a pan on it. When you will start the machine, the default temperature will be 425 degree Fahrenheit. You can increase or decrease the temperature level according to your needs.

Pause/Clear Button

This button is located on the left side of the start button of this cooktop. You can pause or totally shut off this cooktop by using this button. When you pause or shut off this item, the temperature will remain active on LED display. Because the surface will remain hot for some time after using.

When this item will cool down properly, the “F” will blink on the display. You can also resume the present temperature by using this button. I think, this is a great feature which I didn’t find on the other cooktop either on the Max Burton or Duxtop. But if you want to shut off this cooktop, you have to press this button twice. But, if you shut down this item, all of the saved settings will be reset.

Time Button

The Time button is located on the left side of the LED display. This feature helps you to set the cooking time. By default, the time system shows the 00:00 where the first two digits indicate the hours and the last two digits indicates the minutes. You can set the time maximum 99 hours and 60 minutes (that means 100 minutes). This extraordinary feature makes this cooktop stand out from the other competitors.

Prog Button

The prog button is located at the upper left corner of the control panel. you can program different stages of cooking by pressing this button.

Low Button

This button is used to keep your meal warm. This button will set your temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.78 C).

Med Low Button

This option is perfect for simmering your food properly. The temperature that this button will set is 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79.44 C).

Med Button

You can steam your food by using this button. The temperature of this stage is 275 degree Fahrenheit (135 C).

Med High Button

If you are a crazy fan of Chinese food, then this option is perfect for you. This button will help you with stir frying. The temperature of this button is 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190.556 C).

High Temperature Button

If you want to surprise your family with your French cooking style, then you can use this button to make your cooking more reliable and tastier. The temperature of this button is 425 degrees Fahrenheit (218.33 C).

Max/Sear Button

When you are in a hurry, then I will suggest you to use this button to boil your fast. You will get 575 degrees Fahrenheit (302 C).

You can change the temperature by using the + or – button. The temp step for increasing or decreasing is 10 degrees. The minimum temperature level is 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum level is 575 degrees Fahrenheit.

Design and Surface

The surface is made of heat resistant ceramic glass. It comes with the circular form and black in colour.

On the surface area, there are a Nuwave logo and 2 circles respectively. The smaller circle is red and the bigger circle is white in color. The red circle is 5 inches in diameter and the white circle is 9 inches in diameter. But remember one thing, this surface can support only 50 lbs.

Heating Element

This marvelous product has only one element under the ceramic glass. It only heats the bottom of the pan to cook.

When you are going to choose a pan, check the pan whether it is induction compatible or not. If a magnet fridge sticks to the bottom of the pan, then this pan will be definitely induction compatible.

The size of the heating element is 9 inches in diameter. But, the Nuwave Company suggests the user not to use the pans with bottoms larger than 12 inches’ diameter. In case, if you put a cooktop with 12 inches’ diameter, the heat will be more slowly to the edges. So, it will be better if you use a pan less than 12 inches.


This product needs only 120 voltages/ 30 amperes of power. It costs about 1300 Watts of electricity. With these 1300 watts of power, this cooktop can produce maximum 575 Fahrenheit temperature. That means the NuWave PIC2 needs only a little amount of power which saves your energy bills comparing to others.


To notify the user from any kind of internal problem of this cooktop, the manufacturer company provides six built in sensors with it. A simple description of these sensors is listed below:

Sensor NameSensor CodeDescription
Pan presence SensorE1If the cooktop failed to detect any cookware in it, then this cooktop will display this error code.
Failure SensorE2, E5 & E6These codes notify that the device isn’t working properly and the manufacturer can’t detect the problem automatically. You have to contact with the manufacturer company to solve this kind of problems.
Low Voltage SensorE3The E3 code indicates that this cooktop is facing the lacking of voltage. If the voltage is below than 85 volts, then you will see the E3 code into the LED display.
High Voltage SensorE6If the voltage level has increased more than 144 volts, then you will face this error code.
Overheating sensorE8This sensor notifies the user if the cooktop has reached 20 degrees Fahrenheit over the Max/Sear level. It will beep once and automatically shut down itself after that.
Total Time SensorFULLIf the programmed time reached the 100 hours’ timer level, then you can see the code “FULL” on the LED display.


The air vent of this cooktop is located on the back side of this. So, to get the proper ventilation facility for your cooktop, you have to put this on a free space. Moreover, the ventilation system works almost 60 seconds after the cooking has paused or fully stopped.


The full dimension of this cooktop is listed below:

Parts NameNuWave PIC2
Height6.3 inches ( 16.02 cm )
Weight7 pounds ( 3.17 kg )
Length15.9 inches ( 40.38 cm)
Shipping Weight9 pounds ( 4.08 kg )
Diameter of Cooking Surface12 inches ( 30.48 cm )
Width14.4 inches ( 36.57 cm)
Power Cord36 inches ( 91.44 cm )


The manufacturer company provides 1 year warranty with the NuWave PIC2 induction cooktop. But, the users can extend the warranty if they want. Amazon.com offers their customer extra 3 years warranty for a small fee under the Square Trade Protection.

Pros and Cons of Nuwave PIC2 Precision Induction Cooktop

The pros and cons of the Nuwave PIC2 Precision Induction Cooktop 2 are listed below:


  • spills don’t burn
  • light weight
  • delay function
  • easy to clean
  • 50 pound weight limit
  • 10 steps of power controlling system
  • 4 years extendable warranty
  • 100 hours programmable timer
  • programming time using cooking stages
  • 10 degree step for setting a custom temperature
  • easy to select the desired temp using the 6 six buttons with predefined temperatures


  • need induction ready cookware
  • LED stays on until you unplug it
  • It will shut off if you lift the pan
  • you can’t use pans with bottoms larger than 12 inches

Final Thoughts

Nuwave PIC2 induction cooktop is the wisest choice for the new consumers. With a number of great features such as energy efficiency, adjustable temperature, automated sensors, this burner will definitely attract the family members of yours. Though this cooktop has some cons, but the positive features can outweigh them to get its space in your kitchen.

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